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  1. lksndr

    DAC/AMP for SE846

    Hello all,   i was about to pull the trigger on Dragonfly Red, as impedance is quite low ~ 0.6 but than i found that they say it is not supposed to drive earphones with less than 10-12 ohms.   846 is a 9ohm earphone.   I see people suggest chord mojo, which is not really in my budget atm...
  2. lksndr

    HiFiMan HE400S, Shure SE425

    Hello,   I am selling bareley used HE400S (without box, but i have another set of leather pads). I don't think they are burnt in properly yet.   I havent used them because i work on a cruise ship and it is always noisy, so i had SE425 and now i upgraded to SE846. I dont have a box because...
  3. lksndr

    Recomendation for neutral iem in 30-60 $ range

    Ok, so short history, i had sennheiser ie8 first, and i definitely dont want anything with veil like they had because of too much bass, than i had shure 535 which i liked very very much and enjoyed, but than i sold them because i was constantly reading about them not having extended treble and...
  4. lksndr

    Where to go from Shure 535

    I'm a bit confused right now, i had shure 535s, i had IE8 before, and i had 315, together with 535 (I got them as a present while I had 535) ... Now, IE8 sounded nice, as a first IEM that i got, but after listening to 535, i realized that they have that terrible veil across the spectrum...
  5. lksndr

    Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

    I have both, i listened to ie8 and was bothered by too much bass, than i bought se535 after i have listened couple of songs on them and i was amazed by mid range which i love very much ... but after couple of hours i have noticed bass lack ...    Now i cant go back to ie8 because they sound...
  6. lksndr

    Case for IE8?

    I need something less shiny and much smaler than original case, any sugestions?
  7. lksndr

    IE8 VS IE 7 VS SE 425

    IE 8 are now almost same price as SE 425 ...IE 7  are 125$ less than these two ...    Before i had dt 770 pro, so i dont think bass on IE 8 would scared me off ... On the other hand, i had tannoy reveal monitors (with tannoy sub but at really low levels) wich sound harsh and rough sound and...