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  1. ztsen

    Sony 9.1ch Digital Surround Headphone System MDR-HW700DS   Release Date:2013年10月25日   ヘッドホン部 型式 密閉ダイナミック型 ドライバーユニット 口径50mmドーム型 *1 マグネット ネオジウムマグネット 再生周波数帯域 5Hz-25,000Hz インピーダンス 24 ohm(1kHz) *2 電源 内蔵リチウムイオン充電池(DC3.7V ) 充電時間 3時間...
  2. ztsen

    Fraud case notice from Audio-GD

    Not sure how many of you notice a new alert from Audio-GD web site regarding this Please be beware of this Singaporean Using a word of Nationality a bit miss leading and impact to Singapore image IMHO. I've been trading in Singapore used market quite sometime and found many nice and friendly...
  3. ztsen

    Why not hearing using speaker cable as headphone cable?

    Hi, There are so many speaker cables like audio quest, Chord company, QED, Ecosse, Atlas and etc but so far or I dont know if anyone use those cable to DIY as headphone cables. Any reason?
  4. ztsen

    The Music of John Williams: 40 Years Of Film Music

    Hi Anyone here also like John Wlliams? Which one is your most favourite in The Music of John Williams: 40 Years Of Film Music? Mine is RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - Raiders Of The Lost Ark Actually there is another John Williams but is Classical Guitar. lol. Both John Williams also my favourite.
  5. ztsen

    Where is World Peace? Discussion Forum turns out ugly

    As a head-fier members, I am really enjoying reading the post and discussion. But recently few Threads have turned ugly. I really lost my apettite to read on to some few threads, which I been followed closely. When discussion no longer discuss in good manner, stirring negative emotion and...
  6. ztsen

    Windows 7 RC 64 USB Audio Jitter/distort issue

    I have recently installed Windows 7 RC 64 into my notebook. I encounter all my external USB audio related device jitter, distort when playing music but there is no issue when using internal sound device. I have tested D10 and USB-to-Optical (for zero) and both Jitter and distort. I tried using...
  7. ztsen

    Cable for K702

    Hi, I am planning to order cable from moon audio. Anyone have tried the silver, blue or black dragon or cardas cable for K702? Any recommendation?
  8. ztsen

    Easy Tips mod for UE 10pro/vi

    I have been using 5pro for a year. I always no problem to fit the 5pro with medium tips. I read from forum before there are people who mod the tips using foam tips and silicone tips. Not sure if anyone have did this but based on the idea I did the same but in a very simple way in...