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    Stax SRD-7 Spritzer modified

  2. johnsonad

    Custom acrylic dust covers?

    I'm interested in having an acrylic dust cover made for my new TT. Who have you guys had good luck with? Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Twisted Pear Audio Buffalo DAC(SOLD)

    For sale is my Buffalo DAC. It is complete minus one LED on the Buffalo board for mute, the Lock LED is there. The case is ParMetal anodized front and painted black. All important wiring is NeoTech solid core UPOCC 23 awg cyro. The power wire is generic 16 awg. The boards and all solder joints...
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    Found: TPA LCBPPS

    TPA is back and picked one up today.
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    Tonearm rewire questions

    I picked up a SME 3009 Series II Improved for my Thorens TD 124 project and while it is apart thought of rewiring it. It looks like a strait forward job for the most part. I've got to take it apart to replace the knife bearing anyways so it is the perfect time. I'm thinking of using the...
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    FS: Sennheiser headphone holders (SOLD)

    For sale are four Sennheiser headphone holders. These are $17 new. I am selling them for $SOLD dollars each plus 3% PayPal (if used) and shipping. Buy one or buy all. I accept Non-credit card PayPal and USPS money orders only. Please PM me with any questions. CONUS only please. ][/url] ][/url]
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    FS: Modded and balanced AKG K340's (SOLD)

    For sale is my modded AKG K340’s. They come from a smoke free, pet free house and have been lovingly used. These are the best sounding pair I’ve heard to date but rarely get used and I would rather they find a good home. The mods were performed by Alex of A Pure Sound. He opened them up, cleaned...
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    FS: Modded Denon D5000's (SOLD)

    For sale is a pair of Denon D5000’s. They come from a smoke free, pet free house and have been lovingly used. The gold lettering has been rubbed off but otherwise cosmetically they are great. These have had a couple of mods performed. The original cable has been balanced using Neutrik gold pin...
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    FS: Balanced Twisted Pear Opus DAC (SOLD)

    Up for sale now. I've decided to keep my Transporter over the Opus and it needs a new home. Here is what I have into it as far as parts go. -Duel Opus boards, LCDPS. S/PDIF receiver board: $250 -Metronome board $75 -Avil Trannies $48 -Black Gate caps $20 -Par Metal case $53 -Connectors...
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    WTB: Thorens TD 124 Mark I/II

    It's a long shot but if you have one of these that you would be willing to part with, please let me know
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    FS: HD650 (SOLD)

    Hello all. This was my second pair of these, bought new by me in 2007. Maybe 400 hours on them. All paperwork included and I'll even throw in a second HD650 cable. It does not have the 1/4 to 1/8 converter cable though. I don't want to have post pics but will if I have to. Verifed NON-credit...
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    How to burn in bare caps?

    Well I've been sitting on a project for some time now and plan on getting to it eventually. Part of it will be installing a few BG caps and I was wondering how to burn them in (without burning down the house) before installing them in the project. If this can be done safely would you please...
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    Bad ground??

    I need a little help. I just moved into a new apartment in the same building and after hooking up my 2 channel rig I am getting a constant hum out of the speakers. Not only that, but now I hear the transformer in my CDP humming and the same in the amp. This was not present in the other...
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    WTB: Audience AU24 XLR IC's

    I'm looking for either 0.5m or a 1m pair of AU24 XLR terminated IC's. If you have a pair and want to part with them, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. johnsonad

    Slim Devices Duet

    If you haven't looked at the Slim Devices web page, they have a new product coming out which looks great! Transporter & Squeezebox Wireless Network Music Players - Every room deserves a soundtrack My main question is which Wolfson DAC chip are they using in the Receiver? Does anyone have any...
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    FS: Grado SR60 (sold)

    My first set of cans. They have gotten plenty of use and never let me down. Bought from Music Direct in early 2007. Ships with original box, foam in good condition, look great and sound great. $(sold)shipped in CONUS via USPS. Verified Non-Credit Card PayPal or POSTAL Money order only. I am...
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    FIM K2HD "Cantate Domino" audiophile CD!

    I've got to thank fkclo for recommending the K2HD sampler from FIM in an earlier post. Since then I've been waiting for further releases. Two arrived from FIM today and a couple more are coming from Elusive Disc in a couple of days. If you haven't heard K2HD then it is a must. Spend the extra...
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    FS: Luminous Audio Balanced Preamps(SOLD)

    For sale are a very lightly used pair of Luminous Audio Technology balanced passive preamps. Here is a link to the site: Luminous Audio Technology - Axiom Passive Preamp I bought these as a bridge in my system until the Apache arrived. They have maybe 100 hours on them and were used with a Pass...
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    FS: Musical Fidelity X10-v3 (sold)

    For sale is a lightly used Musical Fidelity X10-v3 tube buffer. Here is a link to more info: Welcome to Musical Fidelity. It has maybe 100 hours on it and was used between a CD player and amp prior to me balancing out my system. Ships in the original box with stock power supply and paperwork...
  20. johnsonad

    FS: Headphiled CD3000, R10 style cups (pending)

    For sale is a beautiful set of Headphiled CD3000's. These have the R10 style cups with angled drivers. The pads are in in pristine condition and they have all of the improvements that Larry did to these (reinforced headband, recabled, etc). They sound fantastic and IMO, much better than the...
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    Please delete

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    FS: Headphiled HD580's with Grado drivers (sold)

    For sale is a pair of Headphiled Senn HD580's. They have Grado drivers which I believe to be SR 80's (but don't really know). I don't know a lot about them other than they look good and sound good. They were acquired as part of a recent sale. They have woodied ends and are terminated with a 4...
  23. johnsonad

    FS: HD650's (SOLD)

    For sale is my second pair of HD650's. These have been through a few head-fiers. They have some wear but who really cares about that? They sound great and have been treated very well in my system. Picks if needed. Ship in the original box with original cable and pig tail. Non-Credit Card PayPal...
  24. johnsonad

    FS: balanced Denon AH-D2000 with extra cables (SOLD)

    For sale are my Denon D2000 bought new and custom recabled to balanced. This is a heavy duty recable job. Started with solid 26 awg silver coated copper with teflon shielding (NAVSHIPS wire) each wire with cotton covering. The four wires were then passed through a vinyl tube and covered in nylon...
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    FS: Sony NS9100ES with full SACDmods (SOLD)

    For sale is my Sony NS9100ES with FULL SACDMods to include balanced outputs and Blackgate caps. This player was bought new by me in March of 2007 and was modded by Matt on 4/23/07. Full details are listed here on the SACDmods website: This is a fantastic...