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  1. Roy Munson

    Schiit Bifrost w/ Uber Upgrade

    Selling my mint condition Bifrost Uber. This unit does not have USB connection but the upgrade can be installed after purchase. This will come in the original box with the original power cable. Price includes PayPal and Shipping fees. Only shipping to the continental US.   Thanks, Roy
  2. Roy Munson

    Schiit Lyr w/ 8 pairs of tubes

    I'm selling my Schiit Lyr (1) with 8 pairs of tubes - great setup if you're interested in tube rolling. The amp is in great condition and performs flawlessly. There are add-on feet on the bottom that help with desk vibrations but can be removed easily if not wanted.   Tube pairs that are...
  3. Roy Munson

    HiFiMAN HE-400

    I'm clearing out some of my collection and up for sale is my HE-400. I'm the original owner and these are in very good condition. I've owned them for around 2 years. I'll package them up in the original box with both the velour and pleather pads. Asking $225 and I'll cover the shipping and...