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  1. Bubblejuice

    Semi-IEM thread?

    So I've given up on IEMs. Putting something inside my ear canal just doesn't work for me unfortunately (I've tried many, with many many eartips). Today I received a pair of custom silicone eartips, and it kind of sealed the deal that IEMs are not for me. Earbuds usually don't work for me...
  2. Bubblejuice

    How do custom eartips compare to CIEMs?

    I have this issue with typical silicone or foam tips where the IEM needs to be oriented in a very specific way to get clean sound, otherwise it sounds muffled. And with my current IEMs (IMR R1), this is a pretty uncomfortable orientation. I don't have this issue with shallow fit earbuds like...
  3. Bubblejuice


    I'm looking for a pair of LZ-A5 with all the original accessories including the old filters (most important is the black filter to me). If it brings more accessories (like extra cables, and some of the new filters), then I'm more likely to buy. I'm paying $150 PP + PP fee. I'm in Arizona. PM...
  4. Bubblejuice

    SOLD: Symbio Wide Bore Tips (Mx2 + Sx1)

    I just received some Symbio Wide Bore tips. 2 pairs of Medium tips and 1 pair of Small tips. There was actually one pair of small tips I used to test for size (so those are not for sale since they are used), but even so, the small tips were still too big for my ears. The 3 pairs offered are...
  5. Bubblejuice

    [WTT] Spinfit CP100Z Small size

    I'm looking to trade this unopened package of Spinfit CP100Z small size for a few pairs of eartips. Spinfits don't work well with my IEMs. If you have any other interesting tips you'd like to offer, I'd be glad to hear them. (I'm interested in Sony Hybrid small size) Let me know if you are...
  6. Bubblejuice


    I got a pack of spiral dots. MS is still just a bit too large for me. If you're in the opposite situation, I'm looking to trade sizes. I'm looking for size S. I can trade the 2 unused pairs for 2 pairs or we can just trade 3 pairs (I already washed and sanitized the pair I tried). Let me...
  7. Bubblejuice

    SOLD - Modded T40rp Mk3 w/ leather suspension headstrap (w) Paypal

    Modded T40rp mk3. I modded them myself. They bring all cables and box. I used them for under 5 hours, just for testing the sound when modding. They are in like new condition. Mods include: - Made them semi-open (like T50rp) *I can make them closed back again if you prefer* - Added felt...
  8. Bubblejuice

    SOLD: Etymotic ER4XR + Extra Shure Olive Tips

    I'm selling a like new pair of Etymotic ER4XR. I got them about 3 weeks ago from ACgears (authorized reseller). I haven't registered their warranty yet (if that's even necessary with these). I'm selling them because, as good as they are, their sound signature just isn't for me. They have only...
  9. Bubblejuice

    How to give each T40rp driver its own jack?

    I don't like the way the orange cables on the Mk3s look. Especially since I've caught my finger in the loop more than once while taking them off. Since I am going to be making new cups for it anyways, and improving (IMO) the headband, I thought I'd just give each driver/cup it's own jack...
  10. Bubblejuice

    [WTS] AQ Dragonfly Red 2.1v + Apple Lightning Adapter (Shipped) SOLD

    I'd like to sell this Dragonfly Red. It's in very good condition. I'm the second owner and have never had any trouble with it. It sounds great too. I bought it as a portable amp to use with my Iphone 6. With the adapter it's just plug and play, and barley uses any extra battery on my phone...
  11. Bubblejuice

    Powering/Connecting Bookshelves decently on a budget? (Replacing crappy L&R speakers on CD player system)

    This is my first time dealing with speakers that have speaker wire jacks in the back. I found this pair of speakers today at Goodwill for $10 for the pair.    TEAC bookshelves are LS-MC90s. They are 60watt max, 6 ohms. They use speaker wire.   I've had my TEAC MC-DX32i which I use solely for...
  12. Bubblejuice

    Do all CD players output the same quality?

    I've been enjoying hi-fi headphones for a few months now. I've using questionable Flac files and Spotify (high quality) tracks for the time being. But I decided I want to start using CDs. I found a good sale on CDs from my favorite artists and I went with it.   Now, my question is, I don't...
  13. Bubblejuice

    [WTS] Plus-Sound Apollonian Balanced Cable for Mr. Speakers Alpha/Ethers ($170 OBO, Shipped + No PP fees)

    I'm selling a Plus Sound Apollonian Balanced Cable for Mr. Speakers Alpha/Ethers.   I recently sold my Alphas, and I don't need this cable any longer.   It is about 4' long. It's in excellent shape.    It has an RSA/ALO balanced connector for portable systems. However, you can either...
  14. Bubblejuice

    [WTS] Red Alpha Dogs, shipped

    Selling Red Alpha Dogs, in very good condition. Shipped.
  15. Bubblejuice

    Stax Sigma design using T50RP Planar Magnetic Drivers?

    Does anyone know if this type of mod has been done yet?   I'd love to give it a go if it hasn't been done. Considering how much smaller the T50rp driver is, I'm sure the overall aesthetics of the headphones could also be improved lol.   But i'm wondering what kind of differences could be...
  16. Bubblejuice

    Sonic Ear Massage?

    I've been listening to the song "Emotion", the cover by O'G3NE on Spotify, not the Samantha + Bee gees version. And the song starts off with what sounds like a synth moving smoothly back and fourth between your headphones. It only happens with my LCD-2f so far, but it feels really nice. It...
  17. Bubblejuice

    Master & Dynamic MH40 Gunmetal/Black Leather (Shipped) & B&O H3 (+$30)

    These headphones come with everything except the original box: Gunmetal/Black Leather MH40 headphones 1.25m braided cable for phones with mic and controls 2m braided cable 1/4" adapter Canvas Magnetic Bag Leather cable box Paper work including manual and instructions   Headphones are in...
  18. Bubblejuice

    WTB (or WTT for) Like new B&O H6 2nd Gen. (Any color)

    Looking to buy a pair of like new B&O H6 2nd generation for $150. No preference in color.  I will take care of shipping cost and fees.   I can also purchase locally in PHX AZ, I will add $10 for the meet up.    Lastly, I can offer a trade, a pair of like new Master & Dynamic MH40s for the...
  19. Bubblejuice

    Question about ATH-MSR7 as a portable set.

    I currently have a pair of LCD-2f with an O2 amp. And I've been looking for a pair of closed backs that can give me something different than my Audeze (because, why get two similar headphones?). Preferably portable, since I can't exactly travel easily with the LCD-2f.   I don't need them to be...
  20. Bubblejuice

    How do the HD598Cs compare to headphones like the m50x and DT770 pro 80ohms?

    Most reviews compare these headphones to the HD598, but I haven't seen much comparing them to other closed-backs of similar price. I had the m50x for a few years and used them daily, so I am familiar with their sound. I have a pair of DT770 pro 80ohm in my home, though not mine, I can use them...
  21. Bubblejuice

    How do the HD598Cs compare to headphones like the m50x and DT770 pro 80ohms?

    Most reviews compare these headphones to the HD598, but I haven't seen much comparing them to other closed-backs of similar price. I had the m50x for a few years and used them daily, so I am familiar with their sound. I have a pair of DT770 pro 80ohm in my home, though not mine, I can use them...
  22. Bubblejuice

    Where to get Shure SE earphone earbud port? And can you mod it into other earbuds?

    Where can you buy the piece circled in the picture provided?   And if you can get this port, is it possible to mod other earbuds with this port to give them the same detachable cable capability as Shure earbuds?  
  23. Bubblejuice

    B&O H3 Play vs B&O H3 Play LG model?

    Recently LG had a promotion where they are giving away a pair of B&O H3 play with an LG phone purchase. I have an iPhone, but have been pretty curious about the sound of the B&O H3s anyways.    Are the models given with cellphones in promotions, like this, usually of lesser quality than the...
  24. Bubblejuice

    Pairing open back headphones with a small subwoofer?

    I don't know where to ask this, but I've had little luck researching this, and this is the Sound Science forum, so i'll give it a shot (I don't pretend to know what I'm doing what so ever lol):   So I built a scrap speaker a while ago from a broken gaming chair someone was throwing away. After...