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  1. roker

    Dock for iPhone to bypass internal dac

    I'm aware of the camera adapter but is there a dock that has this all in one neat package? Basically I want to use my iPhone as a source for centrance dacmini, so lightening to USB A to USB B into my dacmini. I found this mess (attached photo) on the internet for reference
  2. roker

    Identical sound signature to the ah-d1100 Denons?

    So my d1100s crapped out on me. They were horribly built plasticky headphones (cracked at cup joints and other areas), on top of that, the ear pads faded away and peeled off. My question is, is there a similar headphone out there with the same comfort (they were around the ear not on ear) and...
  3. roker

    Denon 1100 best bargin?

    I think so. It has a premium sound and requires NO amp. How can that be beat? It has a very full size sound to it. Now, they don't sound like the refined full sized big boys, but as a potable it has a meaty, fun BUT clear sound. Cons: Not for vocals or bass light recordings. Some rock...
  4. roker

    Do the Sennheiser 650s compliment the Denon D2000s well?

    I was looking for a Yin/Yang kind of comparison.  I use the Denons for my Punk/New Wave/80s stuff, but I was looking for something that pairs better with Rock and Vocals.   Any advice?   Anyone know where to score them cheap?   Thanks, in advance.
  5. roker

    MASS Preamp by FIrestone

    Up for sale I have a MASS Preamp by Firestone.   It's currently being stored away at the present moment (very close by) but for more info you can head here:   I also have stock photo for right now...
  6. roker

    40 oz to Freedom

    Man I never realized how horribly recorded this album was.  I'm tempted to buy some crappy headphones or use a crappy amp so I can enjoy this album again.   Anyone else feel the same?  There just seems to random bouts of distortion.  Maybe my rip is bad (I hope) or maybe it was just recorded...
  7. roker

    Fire Sale on Ultrasone?

    Maybe I haven't looked at their prices in a couple of years, but I've noticed they're a lot cheaper than they used to be.   Being the mega fan of Denon D2000s that I am, what can I expect from Ultrasone?   Are they dark?  Are they bright?  Are they fun?   I'm not a fan of neutrality...
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  9. roker


    I'm selling this for $$$ shipped in the US.   This is the lowest I'm going to go otherwise it's better I just keep them.   Please no lowballing.  I won't even respond.   (Extra 5 bucks for people in the West or Southwest as this thing is going kill me shipping-wise).   It comes...
  10. roker

    Which is more fun?

    I was originally not going to go with a Chinese amp, but you guys here are in love with the M-Stage. Here's my thing though, I've heard a lot of good things about the asgard as well, and now that's officially in the picture. Here's what I want though, a fun solid state amp that'll play...
  11. roker

    Looking for a high quality Solid State amp.

    But I don't want to go with the "budget" Chinese designed.  So this keeps Little Dot, Matrix, gd, and all the other guys out of the picture. Preferably I want to go with a Japanese audio company, but those aren't always easy to get a hold of.   I just would like some ideas, please.
  12. roker

    Fiio D3

    has anyone purchased this yet?     I've been curious for a while now on what to expect from a 30 dollar optical DAC.   They're being sold on MICCA right now (not sure if they are a sponsor, so google them)   Anyone willing to bite the bullet?  My NHT M-00s need love.
  13. roker

    Anyone ever compare a Spitire vs the V-Dac?

    I know it's a long shot, but I like the form factor of both of these dacs and I need to buy one here soon.  I just need a small Optical input Dac for a home entertainment center I'm putting together (music, movies, and games).   Thanks   -Ray  
  14. roker

    Best iPhone mic adapter?

    I have some Sennheiser HD25s on the way and I really want to keep the functionality of using a mic so I can accept phone calls without taking off my cans.  I simply need the one button setup.   I saw the Shure's for 40, but I was wondering if there were any other alternatives.   The...
  15. roker

    Are there any remote controlled DACs that don't cost an arm and leg?

    Seriously, DACs are already overpriced but add something ancient like a remote and the whole world explodes.   I just want something with a volume control and perhaps some different sources.
  16. roker


    I'm not using it much since I moved my active speakers away from my computer.   Pictures available upon request.   Box, instructions, and wires all included.   Condition is mint.  There are no major blemishes on it (I can't find anything at all).  
  17. roker

    SOLD: Grado 125i plus extras! (MUST SEE)

    Ok, this is purely a I-can't-believe-I'm-selling-this thread. Here's what you get: Grado 125i (box included - $150 value) JMoney V2 headband (nice and comfy - $30 value, originals included as well) Grado 1/4 to 1/8 plug ($15 value) Grado Bowls (not included with retail 125i - barely...
  18. roker

    WTB: iPod Touch 8gb or 16gb (any gen)

    I just need the cheapest solution for using an iPod Touch as a remote. So an 8gb 1st gen is fine, the higher the better. Let me know a CONUS price.
  19. roker

    Do I have a virus of some sort?

    I'm browsing the forums and an advert on the side claims super cheap Nanos and iTouches, I click on it and it's a site of bootleg iPods. Now I didn't think this site would allow an advertiser to list something like this on the website so I tried to reload the browser over and over again to see...
  20. roker

    Koss Pro-4AA: Admiring from a distance ...

    I just wanted to say, these are some goofy looking headphones and I can't seem to take my eyes off them. If it weren't for the bad reviews (e.g. lack of bass), I probably would've picked up a pair. Has anyone tried to swap out the drivers from a better set (Denons, Beyerdynamic, etc.)...
  21. roker

    Trade: My Bowls + money for your Flats

    this might be a longshot as I'm not sure who would have flats and not have bowls, but I'm putting it out there. Let me know. My bowls are more or less new (I just got them a week or so ago). btw, these are flats (not to be confused with comfies): TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie
  22. roker

    The Grado SR125i the thread, my love letter ... (also ft. bowls vs. comfies)

    I figured it was time I made a thread expressing my love for these headphones. I know much has been made about the headphones being a bit too much on the bright side, but so are the 325s and they have a following of their own. I'm not sure how things were with the 125s, but the "i" version...
  23. roker

    Multi-source selector with volume control, no amp

    Does a thing exist? My speakers are already powered, but I wouldn't mind having the ability to send sound to it from multiple sources (TV, videogames, ipod, etc.) thanks.
  24. roker

    WTB: OEM leather Grado headband, offerring 15 shipped conus.

    I'm pretty sure someone here is going to get a JMoney replacement for their premium 325 or higher headphones. So send yours this way. -Ray
  25. roker