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  1. chellity

    WTB: Ori Pads (leather)

    Hello, I need a 2nd set of these wonderful pads, but i'm still on that college student budget. If you had a lightly used or unused pair laying around, I'd like to hear your price. I have only one trade/purchase so far on headfi, but it was for a th-x00...the headphones I want to put these...
  2. chellity

    WTB: c l o s e d

    Hello, I'm looking for a set of some D2000s. They dont have to be in perfect condition or anything, but as long as the pads are usable and the headset is in good working order, then they are okay for me. I am an ebay seller, so I have plenty of ebay feedback, even if I am new on headfi. I...