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  1. Djinnenjous

    Looking for a DAP between USD $750-1000

    The last time I visited Head-Fi, the newest DAPs I can remember were the iBasso DX80 and FiiO X7. I am completely out of the current loop and overwhelmed by new options, to say the least. I am looking to buy a new DAP to use as a source for my home theater stereo and on-the-go listening. I need...
  2. Djinnenjous

    It's been a few years. What are the current "best" IEMs for approximately USD $70?

    My 18-year-old daughter wants a new pair of IEMs for music, TV, etc. She's not an audiophile but would like something nicer than her standard Skull Candy fare. At that price range, the last killer earbud I know of is the HiFiMan RE-400 Waterline. Are there other recommendations I wouldn't have...
  3. Djinnenjous

    Re-cabling needed. Please help.

    Over the past week or two I've found that both my DUNU Titan 1s and Zero Audio DWX-10 Duozas have developed shorts in the terminals that cause the signal to drop out of one channel when the wires are nudged while in use. I cannot fix this myself, nor can I afford to pay for replacements. I'm...
  4. Djinnenjous

    Need comparison/opinions between FLC Technologies FLC 8S & Torque Audio t096z

    I know these two IEMs are fairly new on the scene, or at the very least under-represented here at Head-Fi, but I’m really hoping someone out there has had the chance to listen to both and can offer some in-depth reflection on how they compare.  Given the degree of customizability each set...
  5. Djinnenjous

    Attn: Moderators

    Sorry for dropping a post for this, but I need to ask someone in authority a question about posting rules and I'm not sure who's in charge around here. Please PM me if you're able to field an important question. Thank you.
  6. Djinnenjous

    Wanted: HiFiMan HE-500

    I'm looking to dive into the planar pool and I'd love to give the HE-500s a shot as my first pair. I'm hoping to land a "like new" pair but will settle for something with surface scratches so long as the headphones come in their original packaging with all packed-in components, and function...
  7. Djinnenjous

    Before You, Head-Fi Crew, I Debut "Two Haiku Reviews" (A Forum Game)

    Listen to a song (or as much of it as possible) posted by the person before you and review the track in exactly two haiku.  Then post a song for the next person to critique.  Be creative, witty, whatever—as long as you remember that the goal is for everyone to have fun.  Hopefully, more often...
  8. Djinnenjous

    HiFiMan RE-400 Waterlines + iBasso DX50: A Poor Match?

    I've been researching the DX50 extensively for the past few days and since everyone is seems to be drooling over firmware 1.2.8's sound quality and (relative?) stability, I'd made my decision to buy it.  Then, in the middle of my elation I stumbled into a forum post saying the RE-400s are a poor...
  9. Djinnenjous

    IPod Classic + FiiO e11 vs FiiO X3 vs iBasso DX50

    I've been looking at the possibility of replacing my iPod Classic, which has started wigging out on me lately.  It's a 2005 model so I think it's about time for an upgrade.  There are three DAPs I'm considering in the same general price range, all of which I'd be listening to through my HiFiMan...