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  1. Bananiq

    Dacport Slim

    Selling my Dacport Slim in 100% shape - minor surface signs of usage. Sounds amazing, good for IEMs. + box and cable Price includes shipping to Europe for international drop me PM
  2. Bananiq

    Flare Audio R2A black w/mic + new comply tips

    Hi guys,   I will sell my beloved earphone - Flare Audio R2A black. Stock They were re-cabled with microphone cable and a silicon protective sleeve on the jack. I will include brand new comply tips.     85 + shipping
  3. Bananiq

    Geek Out 720 like new *another price drop

    Will sell this superb dac/amp in like new condition.   without any flaws, all accessories and box included.   • A high-res DAC and headphone amp that plugs into your computer’s USB port • USB 2.0 compliant audio device • 3D Spacialization technology for more natural sound • Decodes PCM up...
  4. Bananiq

    Sansa Clip+ 8GB FM

    I will sell this MP3 player, rarely used. Very good condition.   cable is included   Shipping 5 eur.   price drop
  5. Bananiq

    WTB: R2A

    Hi guys,   I am looking for a R2A at KS price + shipping, PP fees. :)   Only from UK or EU,   Thanks
  6. Bananiq

    Brainwavz B2 + case

    Hi all,   I am selling my Brainwavz B2 in a good condition.   UK / EU shipping - 5 eur + PP fees USA shipping - 10 eur + PP fees   Cheers
  7. Bananiq

    TTPOD T1-E

    Totally new, great SQ, I just don't like the form factor and housings.
  8. Bananiq

    Urgent! SQ only: S9 vs P7

    Hello everybody, Ive possible great deals for iAudio S9 16GB - 140Euros and iRiver P7 16GB - 70 Euros also been thinking about i7, M3, M6SL, O2, D2 My preferences: SQ only, fidelity, detailed sound, 'flat' frequency response, no EQ, no enhancers, using without amp - only headphones...