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    HIFIMAN TWS600 Loaner Tour

    Hi ,I have not recieved any info on this since I signed up. I think I was the first one I sent my address to customer service When will I get them ? Thank you, Arrowmark
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    HIFIMAN TWS600 Loaner Tour

    I would like to take part in this loaner program. I live in Aventura,Fl.
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    Amphora Headphone Amp Impressions

    It is never too late! Now you have a piece of ALO History. I love my Amphora SE
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    South Florida Meets!

    Where is the Meet going to be located at?:)
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    RHA Dacamp L1, CL1 Ceramic & CL750 Review Tour

    Arrowmark Aventura, FL. U.S.A. No RHA products used iPad with Cypherlabs Solo Geek out V2+
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    Noble Audio Wizard Sage Giveaway!

    1) 77,643 2) 76,542 3) 78,239
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    LH Labs Geek Out v2+ Discussion Thread

    After first V2+. Stopped working. One channel on the balanced jack was silent on 2nd "NEW" V2+ After This experience with LH Labs , I will not back any "starter " projects ever again ! After 9 months since first backing ,I have a working unit.
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    Hifimann He-560 vs Audeze EL-8 (open)

    Where did you buy yours?:)
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    Hifimann He-560 vs Audeze EL-8 (open)

    Thanks again for your opinions on all the equipment you have listened to. Where can you listen to the Tascam UH-7000?
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    Hifimann He-560 vs Audeze EL-8 (open)

    I just read your post. I am glad I did. I was interested in these exact 2 headphones. I really like the HE-500 and was looking for my next upgrade. What are your favorite headphones and Amps now? Thank you, Arrowmark
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    LH Labs Geek Out v2+ Discussion Thread

    I have had my GO V2+ for about 3 weeks. Day 1 of use , it worked fine but loud snapping noise could be heard when changing sampling rates. Day 2, battery would not charge and v2+ would not turn on , Day 3,worked ok but blue on led would not work Customer service said the circuit board is...
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    Introducing Telos Acoustics

    I would like to be a Beta tester for Telos Acoustics   earphone. I will write an evaluation of  them. I currently listen to the Hifiman RE-600 and Grado GR-10.
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    ALO Audio Customer Service...

    I always rate ALO Customer service Excellent ! ! !
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    Tokyo 2012 Headphone Festival Fujiya Avic

    Thanks for the great Photos ! ! ! Tokyo is sure colorful !  I bet you had a blast ! 
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    Tokyo Fujiya Avic Headphone festival Spring 2012 meet impressions

    Glad you had a good time Ken !      What is the Amp with 2 tubes on your table?
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    How did the SinglePower story end?

    My MPX3 still works great !
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    SE Florida Meets?

    Hi mrarroyo, Tyrion mentioned to me you might be organizing a meet in Sept.  Is this true?  Need any help?        Best Regards ,  Arrowmark
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    ALO Continental PortableTube Amp

    Yes , except it is a little thicker
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    ALO Continental PortableTube Amp

    Hi Ken, Congratulations on your new  portable Amp! ! !    I am using it with an i pod classic and The Solo driving a Beyerdynamic 600 ohm DT-880 Dragon Series V1 with a cryoed Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable. This headphone is usually very hard to drive.   Not with the Continental ! ! ! It is...