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  1. bomber889

    Nokia Purity

    Up for sale are a pair of very slightly used Nokia Purity headphones. I got these from the microsoft store so they are real. Selling them because I don't need them. One of the cables a bit worn because I snagged it on something but still works perfectly fine. Please PM me if you have any...
  2. bomber889

    Adidas Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    Price drop to $160!
  3. bomber889

    Adidas Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    HI, I'm selling a pair of Adidas Sennheiser HD25-1 II. They are in pretty good condition and have been used for around 8 months. Not much signs of wear as they are pretty durable. I'm looking for around $160 shipped + paypal fees for them CONUS but am willing to ship international if you pay...
  4. bomber889

    FS: Ultrasone Pro 900

    Up for sale is a pair of Ultrasone Pro 900. They are in really good condition and will come with all original stuff. I'm looking for around $290 excluding shipping and fees. Message me if you have any questions. Thanks!   CONUS only
  5. bomber889

    Beats Pro White

    Up for sale are a pair of Beats by Dre. Pro.  They are white and in good condition.  I bought them from amazon like a month or 2 ago for $350 and can show you the receipt if you are skeptical if they are real or not.   They will be $320 shipped OBO and either gift me in paypal or you...
  6. bomber889

    iPhone 4 16gb Black Verizon

    Selling a black iPhone 4 Verizon in very good condition. No scratches on the screen or on the back. It also includes 1 incipio case and 4 screen protectors and 4 back protectors.   Price is $315 shipped, you either gift me on paypal or cover the fees. Thanks for looking CONUS only  
  7. bomber889

    How are the Beats Pro, Detox and Studios?

    I actually think the Beats Pro aren't too bad. I like them. I mostly listen to hip hop/techno and they aren't too bad. Listening to other stuff is a pain though. I currently have the Ultrasone Pro 900 and Sennheiser hd 25-1 ii and I don't think the Pro's are bad at all. 
  8. bomber889

    HTC Thunderbolt Verizon

    Up for sale is a HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon. It is in good condition and has a steinheil screen protector on it, no scratches on the screen and minor scuffs around the bezel. The some of the paint on the kickstand has been chipped away, but that has happened to almost all thunderbolts...
  9. bomber889

    Nu Force NE-700X

    Selling a pair of Nu Force NE-700X earbuds. They are silver colored and are in good condition.  Included are the earbuds, extra tips, the box, some clip, and the carrying case.   35$ shipped. Buyer pays for paypal fees or gift
  10. bomber889

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    I'm too excited to get these
  11. bomber889

    Ultrasone Help

    Ultrasone hfi 580 will be most like the m50's but have a bit more bass in my opinon
  12. bomber889

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    they are 400 dollars on ebay now
  13. bomber889

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    You can get them off ebay for under 400 
  14. bomber889

    FS: PA2v2

    Up for sale is a perfect condition PA2V2 amp. I bought this directly from Gary and had it for less than a week. No batteries are included as I did not receive batteries when I bought the amp from him. Included in the amp, a cord to connect an mp3 player to the amp, and an ac adapter. I'm...
  15. bomber889

    Anyone know where I can purchase the Ultrasone PRO 900?

    You can get them off ebay for around 380. Just offer some of the people selling it and they will accept like 370-400
  16. bomber889

    Xonar Stx, headphone fail

    Ultrasone Pro 900
  17. bomber889

    FS: Ultrasone HFI 580

    Here for sale is a pair of Ultrasone HFI 580's. I have had them for about a week and decided they are not for me. They are in perfect condition. They will come with all accessories found in the box and the box itself. I'm looking for around 130 OBO shipped.   I accept paypal gift or add...
  18. bomber889

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    would the pro 750s be better if i don't have an amp then?
  19. bomber889

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT880/600

    please email me at, i'm interested in the  ultrasone pro 900. i was hoping we would negotiate the price a bit more.
  20. bomber889

    WTB UE 10 and FiiO E5

    are you still interested in the triple fi 10s? pm me or email me at
  21. bomber889

    WTT / WTS: Ultrasone Pro 900s

    i'm interested in these headphones,can you go any lower? email me at
  22. bomber889

    ATH-M50's WANTED

    you still interested in these? pm me an offer or email me at
  23. bomber889

    UE Triple Fi 10 or Monster Turbine Pros

    i have a pair of triplefi 10s. offer me at or pm me
  24. bomber889

    WTB TF10 or IE7 or IE8 or similar

    i have a pair of very good condition of tf10s. send me an offer.
  25. bomber889 10 for amazon sale price!

    are you still interested in these? are you willing to pay anymore than 100? email me at