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  1. Double C

    Resolved: Cannot see entire message thread

    I'm only able to see the previous messages in a PM if I type in text into a reply. The only thing that shows otherwise is the very last message. Thanks
  2. Double C

    Sold - Sealed Hiby R3 (Gray) w/Hiby Coaxial Cable

    Hi, selling a completely sealed R3 in Gray. Was an impulse purchase after buying the Hiby R6. It will come with Hiby's USB C to Coaxial Cable. $235 shipped in the US. Payment via PayPal please. Thanks!
  3. Double C

    Problem Go-Dap 3 syncing to PC

    Hi, I've contacted venturecraft support with my question, but was wondering if any one else has experienced this issue.   Basically, my laptop does not recognize the iphone/go-dap while connected to pc in the sync position.   Thanks