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      Bought his Sennheiser HD650 headphones, it was an excellent deal.The item is as described.Thank you for a smooth deal Frowzy.
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    WTB: Shure SRH-840 CONUS

      Hi,   Looking to buy Shure SRH-840's shipped in CONUS.Will be happy to deal with someone with good feedback.Drop me a PM if you have one.   Thanks, Phani
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    Cowon Q5w dismal battery life?

    Hi, Got a Cowon Q5w recently and its battery life *****... It is charged for 6hrs before it is switched on(on both the instances).I'm using stock ear phones with volume level set to 25/40.I get 3.5hrs audio and 2.5hrs Video playback time .. Is this how it is or should i return it...
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    YUIN PK2 Valentine's Day Give Away

    Wondering what happened to this give away on is that lucky winner?
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    WTB : AKG 271s/271MKII

    Hi, I'm looking to buy AKG 271s/271 MKII headphones for around 100$.PM me if you have one. Thanks, phani
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    My feedback thread
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    WTB : Grado or AT Can [good condition][CONUS]

    Hi, I am looking for a used grado or audio technica can in good condition,willing to pay 50~60$ shipped.Please pm me if you have one. Thanks, Phani
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    Which of these IEM's Sound Sig. can be compared to HD555

    So i thought i would take a jump from IEM's to full sized cans My IEM list follows : creative ep630 Sony EX82/85 E3c RE2( waiting for replacement) ADDIEM RE0 Anything els? Even if none of the above IEM's can be compared to HD555,i will still be happy coz i am getting something...
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    RE2 stopped working after 5months,will i get a replacement

    RE2 stopped working after 5months,will i get a replacement?Someone please answer this question.
  10. asrphani

    ATH-M50 or AD700

    Ok...after reading for hours and hours,i've decided it should be either one of these two. Source : sony 828 and Sansa fuze. IEM's : RE2 ,RE0 .I find the bass on RE0 adequate. Headphones : HD202. I find it a little bassy. Requirement : only music,no games,no movies. I need a headphone...
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    Triple flanges for RE2

    Can someone tell me if shure triple flanges or etymotic tripe flanges work with RE2.Tried the shure olives but did not find much improvement in isolation when compared to RE2 double flanges,shure olives does not fit RE2 by defaut,so do shure triple flanges also require a mod. what about...
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    Is hiss in sony nwz A818 intolerable??

    I am getting a sony nwz a818.Every thing about the player seems to be fine but there are so many posts complaining it hisses...I will be using it with RE2,ep 630,ksc75 and hd202.So is the hiss so dominant and intolerable..
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    RE2 + FIIO E5 OR shure se110 for same price

    head direct RE2 + FIIO E5 OR shure se110 for same price??
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    Junior Head-Fi'er needs a Sound advice

    My options : SE110 or e2c SF3 ER 6I C551 ---> Is this as bass biased as creative ep 630 is. compare the above 4 purely on sq and bass I would also want to know if any of these feel like listening to full sized headphones,Atleast something like a senn HD 415(i have one) . (only...
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    Are these JBL reference 220 on ebay fake ???

    Can someone tell me if these are fake... 100% original new JBL Reference 220 earphone bass - eBay (item 130259185419 end time Mar-28-09 07:29:45 PDT) He is selling only Accessessories..
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    help....HD415 or HD202

    Sennheiser HD415 and Sennheiser HD202 Can some please tell me which one sounds better and which one is more comfortable... These are the only two things available for please do not suggest any other better model... And plese do not say both are crap..
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    I desperately need an advice now...

    I am using creative ep 630/830 .They are good but sometimes the sound is like hitting my head..I like bass but it has to be more balanced. These are the options i am looking at now....please enlighten me. 1) Denon AH-C452K 2) AKG 324P 3) JVC HA-FX34 4) Koss The plug 5) or any other...