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  1. lksndr

    DAC/AMP for SE846

    Hello all,   i was about to pull the trigger on Dragonfly Red, as impedance is quite low ~ 0.6 but than i found that they say it is not supposed to drive earphones with less than 10-12 ohms.   846 is a 9ohm earphone.   I see people suggest chord mojo, which is not really in my budget atm...
  2. lksndr

    HiFiMan HE400S, Shure SE425

    Hello,   I am selling bareley used HE400S (without box, but i have another set of leather pads). I don't think they are burnt in properly yet.   I havent used them because i work on a cruise ship and it is always noisy, so i had SE425 and now i upgraded to SE846. I dont have a box because...
  3. lksndr

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

        It is hard to explain really, bass does not interfere with mids, but it also doesn't let them in front, like 535 does.  On 535 once mids come into play bass would lower itself (not just in terms of volume but in terms of visual image in the mind) and mids would be clearly in front, and in...
  4. lksndr

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Wow.    Is there anybody who is using 846 with the stock cable? :)    Are differences only ergonomic or sq also?  What kind of source would one need for the cable to become weak link?  If i am planing to buy fiio dac/amp for now, would i be able to hear difference? 
  5. lksndr

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

        I have apogee, that i use with HE400, but it turns out it doesent work well with multiBA, so I'm using my laptop soundcard for now :\ Definitely doesn't have too much bass in terms of neutral or natural. It is more the anomaly or imperfection on 535 that i like.  Bass in electronic music...
  6. lksndr

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    I kinda liked bass on 535 more.    I listen to a lot of electronic music, and on 535 bass would "go away" once mids come into play, but here that is not the case.    I suppose this is better in terms of fidelity, but i feel like i was much closer to mids with 535, here bass is standing in...
  7. lksndr

    Recomendation for neutral iem in 30-60 $ range

    Ok, so short history, i had sennheiser ie8 first, and i definitely dont want anything with veil like they had because of too much bass, than i had shure 535 which i liked very very much and enjoyed, but than i sold them because i was constantly reading about them not having extended treble and...
  8. lksndr

    Where to go from Shure 535

    I'm a bit confused right now, i had shure 535s, i had IE8 before, and i had 315, together with 535 (I got them as a present while I had 535) ... Now, IE8 sounded nice, as a first IEM that i got, but after listening to 535, i realized that they have that terrible veil across the spectrum...
  9. lksndr

    Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

    I work in US, ill be back in US in two months from now ...    Im readingjust now 535 vs w3 thread, and it seams that w3 is more fun, i suppose w4 is even better ... I did not considered amps and eq, i tried eq from winamp and ipod, but its hard to add something that is not there, an those eq...
  10. lksndr

    Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

    Lets say i dont care for price factor right now, meaning that i already have spent 800+ usd on these two earphones and i am not happy with none of them, so everything that falls into price range of selling these two and buying something that will make me happy is fine with me.   Now there is...
  11. lksndr

    Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

    So when it comes to flat, theese are my choices:    ATH-CK10 GR07 Westone 4s   Anything else?   Would anybody wanted to trade any of these for shure or sennheiser?     Another thing i thought about is that shure is intendend for stage monitoring, where levels are realy...
  12. lksndr

    Looking for flat sound, inbetween ie8 and se535

    I have both, i listened to ie8 and was bothered by too much bass, than i bought se535 after i have listened couple of songs on them and i was amazed by mid range which i love very much ... but after couple of hours i have noticed bass lack ...    Now i cant go back to ie8 because they sound...
  13. lksndr

    Case for IE8?

    I need something less shiny and much smaler than original case, any sugestions?
  14. lksndr

    IE8 VS IE 7 VS SE 425

    I have read on this forum that when you dont seal IE8 all the way, they loose some off that "too much bass" sound (i know it is not too much im just using that to describe their sound) and then they sound more natural? Have you tried that? 
  15. lksndr

    IE8 VS IE 7 VS SE 425

    IE 8 are now almost same price as SE 425 ...IE 7  are 125$ less than these two ...    Before i had dt 770 pro, so i dont think bass on IE 8 would scared me off ... On the other hand, i had tannoy reveal monitors (with tannoy sub but at really low levels) wich sound harsh and rough sound and...
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