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  1. Singhisking2011

    Reshelling and servicing my iems?

    Hi everyone, have a pair of roxannes which I need to get reshelled and serviced, my go to place was inearz. Anywhere else that does it? I’m based in UK London. Thank you
  2. Singhisking2011

    Reshell JH Audio Roxanne Where To Go?

    Hello, Got a pair of JH audio roxanne and unfortunately my shell has broke, I've managed to carefully superglue it back together but would want it reshelled. Now that InearZ do not reshell anymore is there anywhere else thats a reasonable price and do a good a job? I'm based in the UK. Thank you
  3. Singhisking2011

    Best place to get reshells done

    Hello, Just bought a pair of JH audio roxannes of here. Where would be the best place to get them reshelled I am based in the UK. Thanks :)
  4. Singhisking2011

    Best custom iem available money no object

    Hello people of head fi I'm the proud owner of the ie80s however as my dad has found love for them I am interested in looking at new possibilities and maybe going down the custom route for a new pair of in ears. I use my iphone 5 64gb for music all the time without any amp and my music taste is...
  5. Singhisking2011

    looking to buy um merlin, jha16 or heir audio 8.A Let me know!!

    Hi I willing to buy um merlin, jha16 or heir audio 8.a preferably new but will accept used but in excellent condition no more then 6-9 months old with receipt Thanks
  6. Singhisking2011


    Hey guys right I've got the turbine coppers but would they be better then the ie 80s cause I previously owned the ie 8 but they got knicked and thought I'd try something new but tbh I miss them the coppers dont feel the same as them. How would the b&w in ears compare as well thanks people really...
  7. Singhisking2011

    Need in-ear headphones up too £400 please help!!

    Hello people I'm new on this but heard this was the best sight for help on headphones. Well the problem is I'm looking for in- ear up to £400 with massive amounts of bass but also alot of clarity. I previously owned the ie8 and wouldnt mind purchasing them again as they got stollen. From my...