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  1. puck

    FS Campfire Audio Atlas

    I was planning to keep these long term but just haven't been using IEMs much so it's too hard to justify keeping them. They are fantastic bassy IEMs. They're in great shape. I'm asking US $675 for them with fully insured shipping in the US and paypal fees on me. I'll consider shipping...
  2. puck

    WTB ZMF Aeolus

    I’m interested in finding an Aeolus. I’d prefer one in a limited wood or at least a wood with interesting grain. I’m hoping to find one under 1000 but would spend a bit more for the right wood. I’d prefer to find something in the US since international shipping is expensive.
  3. puck

    SOLD Astell & Kern JH Audio Michelle

    I'm selling my JH Michelles. They are great IEMs. They have a fairly dark sound with plenty of bass for the bassheads out there. They are light and comfortable. They're in great shame and come with all the stock accessories and packaging although they may be missing a pair or two of the...
  4. puck

    Found SchiitGen 5 or Unison USB Board for Bifrost

    I'm looking for a gen 5 or unison board for my Bifrost Multibit. I'd prefer the gen 5 since they should be quite a bit cheaper now. Please let me know if you have one that you'd sell. Found Thanks
  5. puck

    FS Schiit Yggdrasil Gen 5 USB Board

    I bought this board used thinking that it would fit my Bifrost as they are sometimes listed as being for both. It definitely does not fit my Bifrost unfortunately. I'm asking $60 shipped in the CONUS paypal fees and shipping on me. I'll ship internationally but it may cost a bit extra.
  6. puck

    Sold Focal Elear

    These Elears are in very good used condition. They sound fantastic, and look great. They come with 2 lengths of cables and the original box. The box has some wrinkles in the covering on the lid but that's just the box. The pads and headband are in great shape. sold The box is very large...
  7. puck

    SOLD MrSpeakers Ether CX

    I've finally decided that it's time to let me Ether CX go. I love the look, comfort and sound but I have come to the conclusion that I like dynamics drivers better on average and these just aren't getting the head time to justify keeping them. I don't have the original box but they do come...
  8. puck

    Sold ZMF Eikon Cherry

    I'm selling my Eikons in Cherry wood. They are excellent headphones and I am only selling them because I found another pair in limited wood that I like the look of more. I'm partial to darker or more figured wood and got a chance to get one so I had to take it. These still look fantastic...
  9. puck

    Found ZMF Atticus

    I'm interested in finding an Atticus to compare to my Eikon. I've been curious about the sound differences for awhile now. I'm hoping to find one in the 600-700 range or a bit more for a limited wood version. I also have an Ether CX or a Focal Elear that I would be willing work in as trade...
  10. puck

    Found Klipsch HP-3

    I’m hoping to find an HP-3. Let me know if you have one you’d sell in that range. Thanks.
  11. puck

    Found ZMF Atticus or Eikon

    I’m interested in buying a ZMF Eikon or Atticus. Ideally, I’d like to find one of these for around $700 US. Please let me know if you have one you’d sell. Thanks Found a pair
  12. puck

    MrSpeakers Alphadogs SOLD

    These Alpha Dogs are fantastic headphones. They sound great and are very comfortable. They are in good over all used condition but do have some scuffs in the paint. Please look carefully at the pics to see the condition. The pads are in good shape and are very soft and comfortable. I have a...
  13. puck

    FS MrSpeakers Alpha Dog sold

    I'm letting a set of Alpha Dogs go. They work perfectly and sound great. There are some dings and scuffs on the cups but they are in good shape other than that. Look closely at the pics for details. They come with 2 sets of cables. I haven't tested the cable with XLR connector as I don't...
  14. puck

    Custom Headphone Stand

    I have a custom headphone stand made from machined aluminum spectral imager parts that were rejected at work.  The stand looks very unique and works great.  I'm asking $40 shipped in the lower 48.  I will ship internationally but buyer pays shipping.
  15. puck

    one more meta42

    i finally finished my meta after ages of undoing the stupid mistakes that i made going too fast the first time round. a few specs are: built in a japanese tea box 4x 1000uF blackgates 4x stacked output buffers 2x stacked ground buffers ad8620 op-amp etc., ect. whacha think? my meta
  16. puck

    sci-fi/fantasy books

    anyone else into sci-fi/fantasy books? i'm a big fan of fantasy books and i need a recommendation for some new authors. i've read quite a bit of stuff but some of my favorites are Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tadd Williams, the George R.R. Martin books, Tolkien... i would really like to find...
  17. puck

    interest check: jvc hp-dx1

    i'm thinking of selling or trading my victor (japanese domestic jvc) hp-dx1. they're in perfect condition with about 75 hours play time. i have the original packaging as well. price is negotiable and trades are possible as well. puck
  18. puck

    elna starget caps?

    has anyone used these ?
  19. puck

    op-amp buffered power supply?

    i have been looking around for circuit diagrams for a buffered power supply using an op-amp as a buffer but haven't had any luck. i can get plenty of threads about them but no diagrams. can anyone hook me up with one or are they a total waist of time?
  20. puck

    my first!

    i just finished my first diy head amp. i built a cmoy with two opa134pa chips, bigger power caps and bigger input caps. i set the gain at 5.5 because i only have low impedence cans now but soccketed the gain resistors for and easy change. thanks to chu moy's design and tangent's tips and parts...
  21. puck

    pioneer headphones?

    has anyone heard the pioneer se monitor 8 or the se monitor 10r? what do they sound like? they look really nice but of course we all know that looks don't mean much.
  22. puck

    what's the best sounding top end pcdp?

    looking through the threads, i don't seem to see many comparisons between the top end pcdps from sony and panasonic. i seem to see good things writen about the sony d777 and the panasonic ct570. how do they compare to eachother and to other players like the panasonic 780 and 790 or the newer sonys?
  23. puck

    JVC HA-DX1 or ATH-A55?

    can anyone compare the JVC HA-DX1 to the lower end ATs like the ATH-A55 or A5X (or other cans readily available in japan)? i'm thinking about picking up something in this price range (about 10,000 yen) to be a full sized, walk around, mostly rock headphone. i would like to have something closed...
  24. puck

    international dvd players?

    has anyone used any of the international code free dvd players that are out there? got any recomendations for a good one?