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  1. jsanfilippo5

    Audio Technica ATH-M50X

    I bought these headphones less than a month ago - They sound great - but I find them to be uncomfortable for me to wear for extended periods of time.    Includes all accessories and box.    This would deb my first sale on this forum, but I have plenty of sales on other forums including...
  2. jsanfilippo5

    DIY Amp question

    Does anyone know of a DIY headphone amp   that I can buy that is inexpensive?  - I want to get some practice before ordering the crack. Id hate to spend the money on the crack kit and ruin it..    Thanks all!
  3. jsanfilippo5

    Digital piano with headphones

    I have a Roladn FP-80 digital piano. Through headphones it sounds awful. Very muddy with a spike in the low mids that gets very tiring to listen too.    I am using the SONY mdr 7506 headphones directly to the headphone jack - Typically these headphones are on the bright side so the muddiness...