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    Adventures in Balanced Cables for IEMs

    I've had several IEMs with balanced cabling for a while - HIFIMAN RE262, RE272 and RE600. I didn't have an amp or player with balanced output, so I just used the included TRRS-to-TRS adapters. Then along came the HIFIMAN HM-901. I go it with all of the different amp cards, but so far, I having...

    Hangs with Google Chrome

    Anyone else having problems with Chrome hanging on Head-Fi? I'm using the latest chrome version on Win 7 and Win 8 and for the last two weeks, head-fi pages randomly hang (need to restart Chrome to clear the problem). If I disable Adobe Flash Player within Chrome, all is fine. Other web sites...

    Shure & Westone Triple Flange problem. Also, question about Sony Hybrid size LL

    I have Shure SE215 & 535LTD and Westone 4 & UM3X and I use the large triple flange tips (with the smallest flange removed). For me they are the best sounding tips with those IEMs and they fit my right ear very well. My left ear canal is just a smidge larger and the tip will only stay sealed if I...

    DEAL ALERT: Meelec M6 & M6P 61% Off Today

    Use coupon code TWITTER_M6.   I already own both, but ordered another one of each to give to friends.