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    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

    Anyone has experience with Symphonized MTL Dual Driver Heavy Bass Premium In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones?
  2. swiftW1nd

    Torque t096z IEM tour - Reviewers wanted!

    User name: swiftw1nd City/State (USA only): Washginton DC   I am a basshead! Would love to review these puppies. 
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    Reply to review by 'swiftw1nd' on item 'Baldoor EarBell E100 MK1'

    Well I be damned.... They are better than my Denon C300. The tips that come with them are garbage, once I swapped them with the C300 tips... the sound is amazing. Its crazy how good the bass is.  
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    Upgrade from Shure SRH750DJ

    I nominate Sennheiser Momentum
  5. swiftW1nd

    Advice for first audiophile headphone Read their review about sound stage. 
  6. swiftW1nd

    Similar headphones to AKG K550 (K551) Check out the Focal Spirit Pro and the UE6000 (which they consider better than the 550), and the Momentum which replaced the UE6000 on their wall of fame.  (UE6000 is a lot cheaper)   Judging by the genres you...
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    Best IEM for EDM listening?

     ATH-CKS99 all the way! My Denon AH-C300 has more bass than any IEM I've ever tried... dual 11mm drivers. If you like massive amount of bass, give them a try. 
  8. swiftW1nd

    Advice for first audiophile headphone

    M100 is not fully closed, it is semi close back. That's why it has great sound stage and hence it leaks slightly, I wear it on airplanes all the time though, and its not enough to bother other people sitting next to me.  S Logic is quirky, some people love it, and some hate it.  I personally...
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    Advice for first audiophile headphone

    M100 has a bigger sound stage than the PRO900. In terms of amping, M100 is designed to be portable, so it doesn't require much power. You can take the PRO900 a lot further via amping than you can with the M100. PRO900 has a bigger bass emphasis, M100 has about +8db bass emphasis, where as the...
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    Looking for headphones similiar to Sony MDR XB500

    These are similar
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    Most underrated and overrated headphone? For a bit of fun :)

    Overrated: HE400, HE500. Are they good? YES. But a large part of their reputation is from the psychological effect from this mystique to them because of their planar magnetic drivers. But in terms of imaging and just sounding better. I think Senn HD600/650 are better. 
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    Need Help!

    mdr 1r for bass? It has pretty weak bass, and is known for its forward mids and relative balance even though it's on the bright side. 
  13. swiftW1nd

    Why so expensive?

    The VModa M100s may be outside of your price range.. otherwise they are the best basshead cans to me with a great reputation on this forum. If you want something cheaper, I actually suggest you check out the Denon D400. They pale in comparison to the headphones in their MSRP, but they are 100...
  14. swiftW1nd

    Why so expensive?

    It is because the new updated model aren't as good as the discontinued, hence why the XB500's market price increased. 
  15. swiftW1nd

    Looking for over the ear foldable headphones that can easily fit into a bag

    He demonstrates how V-Moda M100 folds
  16. swiftW1nd

    The new guy - looking for headphones!

    840 has no bass.  :p I don't like it personally. I listen to mainly EDM, which has driving bass line. If you listen to a lot of classical music, you should probably stay away from the M100. But if you listen to mostly contemporary music, M100 is where it's at. 
  17. swiftW1nd

    The new guy - looking for headphones!

    V-Moda M100 are epic. For open there is the HiFiMan - HE-400 
  18. swiftW1nd

    closed back circumaural cans for edm

    ultrasone hfi580 for EDM for sure. 
  19. swiftW1nd

    The Basshead Club

    In my experience if you are just talking about bass quantity. I seem to get more from IEM than over ear cans. 
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    Looking for a cheaper, in-ear substitute for Ultrasone HFI-580

  21. swiftW1nd

    Open backed cans for "bassheads?"

    You may also like the M100, they are semi open. They are rather dark, and has a bass emphasis , but not as much as the bass monsters like the LP2,  XB500, Pro700MKII etc (may still be too much for you though). Cheers, :D
  22. swiftW1nd

    Open backed cans for "bassheads?"

    Quote: +1, excellent suggestion by RoMee. Beyers are really bright (as are most Ultrasones), you won't like them if you prefer dark sounding signature.