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  1. dacari

    FS: Ultrasone PRO 2500

    Ultrasone PRO 2500 (old model) like new. Box with all extras, second pair of earcups never used. Price: 110€ inside EU. PM for any questions. Link photo: Ãlbumes web de Picasa - David - Headphones
  2. dacari

    FS: Ultrasone HFI 700

    Ultrasone HFI 700 like new, only 10 hours of use. Box with all extras. Any questions please PM. Price: 95€ inside EU. Link photo: Ãlbumes web de Picasa - David - Headphones
  3. dacari

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80ohm like new. Price: 95€ inside EU. Please any questions PM. Link photo: Ãlbumes web de Picasa - David - Headphones
  4. dacari

    DT770/80 > Denon D2000 ?

    Hi! I use my Beyers DT770/80 for gaming and I enjoying them so much, but I'd like a bit less bass and a bit of better highs......the Denon D2000 would be a candidate? any other alternatives??
  5. dacari

    Better Radio reception than Cowon D2

    Hi!! I'm really happy with my D2, but the radio reception is really weak (as I read). What dap has a better (normal¿?) radio reception with the same sound quality? Samsung P2? It doesn't matter if has touch screen or no... maybe Sony 6xx series??
  6. dacari

    AKG K240s or K141s ??

    Hi!! I'm interested in these two cans. I suppose 240s it's superior but I read some people prefer 141's....and the price it's almost the same. Any help?
  7. dacari

    Goldring DR150 or AKG K601?

    Hi!! I have an Original Master Headphone which I use with my Grado SR80. Now I'm searching a complement to the SR80's Which of these headphones... a cheaper option Goldring DR150 or AKG K601 will be the best? I like airy and transparent sound with larga soundstage, I don't like closed and...