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  1. coletrain104

    ALL SOLD: Multi-headphone sale thread

    Hi all, Up for sale are a few of my headphones that aren't getting enough use to justify. I enjoy owning new gear for the experience, and only have so much room for headphones and boxes! Just making the thread to keep myself from backing out, pics soon to follow. Shipping to continental US only...
  2. coletrain104

    Computer Audio setup

    So, I have my headphones running out of my Schiit Modi and Vali, but on my new laptop, I am still able to change the volume by changing the volume setting on the laptop itself. To my knowledge, this shouldn't be possible. Does anyone know how I can solve this and rely solely on the Vali for...
  3. coletrain104

    Want IEMs around $200

    hello all,  I've been demoing the touring Hifiman HE400i's, and now realize I am missing any audio with upfront vocals (obviously aside from these 400is that are just too expensive considering I just bought the 400). I also realized that I don't have any IEMs. I also just worked an odd job for...
  4. coletrain104

    Misleading recommendations on HE-400?

    Hey everyone,   Just so you know, this is all being said in the sense of a feeling, nothing definitive, so here goes. I found many of the head-fiers were suggesting I get the HE-400 because I like rock music. It seems to be a near-unanimous thing (aside from Grados), and I decided to order a...
  5. coletrain104

    Clear DAC, fairly cheap

    Hello all,  I'm trying to snag some headphones off of amazon for $200-$300, and I'm trying to find a heaphone amp and DAC combo (don't care if I have to get both individually or if it's an amp with the DAC integrated) that works well without bringing my costs too far above $400. I'm thinking of...
  6. coletrain104

    Good Cans for $300? Mad Dogs?

    I'm somewhat new to my interest in headphones, and right now I would really like an over-ear for home. I'm trying to stay around $300, but I could deviate some. Some things to note: I have Momentum on-ears, and I don't want to get more bassy than that. I still like a good thump in from bass and...