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  1. Tiazmat

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-4

    EDIT: Now also comes with a Periapt 10ft 4-pin XLR balanced cable. It's not a very good cable, but when you need that connection, it's better than literally nothing. I have noticed some static when bumping the amp side connector when plugged in. EDIT 2: Now accepting offers EDIT 3: Offers still...
  2. Tiazmat

    (CLOSED) WTB: Wells Audio Milo

    I'm looking to buy the cheapest Milo I can get my hands on; preferably a base unit. If you have upgrades (barring a full-on Reference), still send me an offer, but know that I'd really like to get the lowest price I can.
  3. Tiazmat

    SOLD: ZMF 2k Copper (+silver?) Mini-XLR (ZMF/Audeze) 4ft. cable

    So last December I won this at ZMFestivus. Though I never used it, I've wanted to buy some headphones to use the cable. But as fate would have it, I now have to sell the cable in order to buy the headphones! But anyway, I'm not exactly sure what this is. It's a ZMF cable that's approximately...
  4. Tiazmat

    SOLD: Stax SRM-727A w/ Feedback Mod

    For sale is a feedback modded Stax 727A It has had the internal power supply adjusted to the standard voltage for North America. No need for a transformer. I purchased this unit from another HF user; I believe I am the second owner. Price is less than the other unit listed on here because it...
  5. Tiazmat

    (SOLD) Stax SR-007A SZ2

    I have for sale a Sz2-1624 007A from Stax. It has the port mod applied. If you want it reversed, I can do that if you purchase it. It does NOT come with the spring that is normally under the pads; I did not receive it from the person I bought them from. Sorry. They still work perfectly fine...
  6. Tiazmat

    [SOLD] Stax 003mkII

    Selling a pair of Stax 003mkII's $180 shipped to CONUS Original box and a set of large Spiral Dot tips included. Edit: forgot to mention, this is the very same pair that Z Reviews reviewed on youtube. Just in case you care. Edit: SOLD
  7. Tiazmat

    [SOLD] Stax 252s

    I am looking to sell my Stax 252s. The unit is in pretty good condition as you can judge from the pictures, but with scratch-like markings on the back that only show up under certain lighting. Comes with the correct adapter for US voltage, along with the original box and manual. $250 shipped...
  8. Tiazmat

    (FOUND) WTB: Denafrips Ares

    I'm looking to buy a Denafrips Ares for $550 shipped (via Paypal) (I live in the US). Price will scale down dependent on condition, but ideally I'm looking to buy a like-new unit for $550. Pictures required, unless the unit is NIB. Thanks! EDIT: Purchased
  9. Tiazmat

    (SOLD) JDS Labs OL Dac (B-Stock)

    EDIT; SOLD I'm selling an OL Dac I bought from JDS Labs late last summer. The quirk about this unit is that it's backwards and upside down. What this means is: the front and back are flipped from each other, so when the front is right-side-up, the back will be upside down. Now, since you won't...