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  1. tretneo

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo, Like new

    Only used once, in perfect like new condition and comes with original packaging, accessories and materials. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Rob
  2. tretneo

    [SOLD] Ether Flow, in great condition + Norne Audio cable

    Selling my MrSpeakers Ether Flow headphones. I am the original owner and these are in excellent condition, never dropped, bumped or otherwise mistreated and rarely used. Includes a custom 4ft Norne Audio Vanquish Series 2 Cable w/ 3.5mm termination instead of the stock DUM cable. Also includes...
  3. tretneo

    SOLD: AK300 (Like New Condition)

    Price reduced!! Now only $675!!!   This DAP is amazing and you won't find one at this price in this condition. Like new, in box w/ all original packaging, materials & accessories. Not a scratch, scuff or even a smudge on it, it's pristine.   I'll cover 2-day USPS shipping, you cover Paypal...
  4. tretneo

    Ether Flow w/ MrSpeakers DUM cable 1/4"

    EDIT: PRICE REDUCED TO $1,499.00!!!!!!   Reducing my headphone inventory, get these amazing Ether Flow headphones at a steal! These are in pristine condition w/ ~250 hours (~200 of which was burn-in) and come with all of the original packaging, materials and accessories. Purchased in July '16...
  5. tretneo

    MrSpeakers Ether C 1.1 w/ 1/4" DUM Cable

    EDIT: PRICE REDUCED TO $999.00!!!!!!   Since purchasing Ether Flow these get very little use and so I'm deciding to part ways with these amazing headphones.   - Ether C 1.1 (includes tuning kit) - 1/4" DUM cable - Shipped June '16 - In perfect, like new condition (~250 hours or so w/ ~200...
  6. tretneo

    Schiit Jotunheim w/ USB DAC

    Like new Schiit Jotunheim w/ balanced USB DAC!   It's in perfect condition. Amp + Balanced USB DAC addon.   Terms Price includes shipping (CONUS). Buyer pays Paypal fees. Comes with factory box and accessories.
  7. tretneo

    Chord Mojo

    Downsizing my gear, this Mojo is in excellent like new condition and works beautifully. Original box, materials, accessories and proof of purchase are included.   Please let me know if you have any questions. Buyer pays Paypal fees, I'll take care of shipping.   Note: The last image shows...
  8. tretneo

    MrSpeakers DUM Dual-Entry Cable

    Selling 1x MrSpeakers DUM Dual-Entry Cable for Ether/Ether C/Ether Flow/Ether C Flow. This cable is terminated w/ a 3.5mm adapter, perfect for use with Chord Mojo, DAP or other similarly equipped source.   Shipping included, buyer pays Paypal fees. No trades.
  9. tretneo

    HiFiMAN HE-560 like new condition w/ all original packaging

    I recently picked up the Ether C and these have gotten very little use since then. Original owner, purchased in May 2015 and in like new condition w/ very little wear. All original packaging, materials are included and have been kept in storage since delivery. You won't find a cleaner used...
  10. tretneo

    Arcam irDAC • 24-bit/192k USB DAC [Like New]

    One owner, like new condition and in perfect working condition. Includes all original accessories and packaging materials. Huge discount added, now $300 down from $450 originally, current MSRP is $699).   Description What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year Award 2013 & 2014 (DACs) Building on...
  11. tretneo

    Gustard H10 w/ Burson Supreme Sound v4 Opamps (and more!)

    Selling my 6 month old Gustard H10 amp after falling in love with the Chord Mojo portable DAC/AMP. This H10 is in excellent condition and is an outstanding performer with tons of power. I'm also including over $200 in Opamp upgrades to give a total of 3x Opamp combinations (including originals)...
  12. tretneo

    HE-560 & Marantz or Schiit stack?

    I posted this over on reddit in /r/headphones but haven't got much traction so far. I'm looking for some opinions on the "better" pairing for the HifiMAN HE-560 headphones.   I've been listening to and enjoying the Marantz HD-DAC1 > HE-560 pairing for the past week or so but it's hard to...
  13. tretneo

    Got some new gear today, so much fun!

    I can't even explain the difference (compared to my previous setup) I'm experiencing. Loving the way this gear makes the music come alive, so much detail, clarity and energy. I'd love to hear what others that have tested/purchased this combo think.   Previous setup: - Raspberry Pi 2 (running...
  14. tretneo

    Need Headphone, DAC & Amp advice for RuneAudio listening station

    I recently discovered RuneAudio and I'm absolutely loving it. Perhaps I can quickly go over my current setup and listening preferences and open it up for discussion.   Current Setup (Admittedly this is cobbled together although the sound isn't half bad): - Raspberry Pi 2 w/ Hifiberry Digi+...
  15. tretneo

    Need DAC/Amp, Headphone advice for listening station

    Thread relocated to Introductions, Help and Recommendations
  16. tretneo

    Sennheiser HD 650, first time poster

    Hi Guys,   First post, been lurking (not trolling, thanks for the correction) for a while trying to gather info. It sounds like the Sennheiser HD 650 is pretty well liked by the community here and I'm thinking about going with them. I just picked up an iPad 2 and I'm planning to use the...