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  1. daphen

    Looking for a Campfire Audio Vega in good condition

    Hey, as the title suggests I'm looking for a Vega to be shipped to Sweden, preferably from somewhere in Europe, looking at around €950. Thanks! David Stockholm, Sweden
  2. daphen

    Audeze El-8 Closed Back.

    Hey. I have a barely used EL-8 closed back that I bought for use at the office. However, I can't seem to get used to the closed back design so I tend to opt for my IEM's instead. Therefore I thought I'd just sell them to someone who'll actually use them. If you have a nice IEM in the same...
  3. daphen

    Help with bassy headphones.

    Hello guys.  I'm new here and I came here hoping to get some help. The biggest problem I have is that my head is too small for most headphones. I've been stuck with the Beats for some time now and I'm getting sick of the sound and overall quality of their stuff but when I go to the store and...