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  1. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Apple Airpods Pro - Like New

    Original owner. Purchased from Amazon. Lightly used and absolutely like new. Includes all three sets of original tips (S, M & L) and an extra pair of Large tips. ONLY the original large tips have been used. Also includes all of the original accessories and packaging. Price includes Paypal fee...
  2. swmtnbiker

    Massdrop THX AAA 789 Linear Balanced Amp - NEW

    Only opened the amp to verify functionality. Brand new. Includes everything that came with it from Massdrop. Price includes shipping and Paypal fee to any address in the continental United States. Please PM me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking.
  3. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid - MINT

    I'm changing things up so am selling my gently used Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid amp. Less than 100 hours of use. As-new condition. Includes two tubes - an Electro-Harmonix 6922 and a NOS 1972 Russian Military Tesla E88CC. Also includes all of the original packaging. Price includes Paypal fee...
  4. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Panasonic DMP-UB900 4K UHD/Blu-ray/DVD Player

    Panasonic's former flagship 4K UHD player in absolutely *excellent* condition. I can't tell it from new. First owner, a little over a year old. Includes remote, manual, and all original packaging. This is a fantastic player, and I kept it because IMO it bests my Oppo UDP-203 on both 4K UHD...
  5. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Massdrop Sennheiser HD 58x Jubilee - Serial #365 + Balanced Cable

    Used for less than one hour and ABSOLUTELY like brand spanking new. Low serial numbered unit (under 500). I'm including a nicely made balanced cable as well as the factory single-ended cable. Includes all the original packaging and instruction booklet, just like you'd receive it from Massdrop...
  6. swmtnbiker

    **SOLD** Schiit Magni 3 - MINT

    Less than two months old and pristine in every way. Purchased new by me directly from Schiit Audio. Includes all original accessories, packaging, and documentation. Price includes Paypal fee and ground shipping to any address in the continental United States.
  7. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Schiit Vali 2 with Extra Tube - MINT

    Less than 2 months old and purchased by me directly from Schiit Audio. Includes the stock Sylvania tube and the well regarded Electro Harmonix 6922 with about 5 hours on it. Absolutely mint condition. Comes with all original accessories, packaging, and documentation. Price includes Paypal fee...
  8. swmtnbiker


    ** SOLD **
  9. swmtnbiker

    SHX-4P Balanced Cable for Sennheiser HD580/600/650/660S

    Purchased this on Amazon for $66 a couple of months ago, then sold my HD 660S so I no longer need it. Very nicely made cable with Neutrik XLR connector that sounds great, particularly for the price: Total Length: 1.5M(4.9FT) High Quality OCC Wire. Sennheiser HD580, HD600, HD650 Balance Line...
  10. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Massdrop HD 6XX - Brand New and Unopened

    Bought this a few months ago when the drop hit and it was delivered on Monday. However, since then I've purchased a HD 660S and will be keeping it, so the 6XX has to go. Brand new and unopened. Price includes Paypal fee and ground shipping to the continental U.S. Sorry, but no international...
  11. swmtnbiker

    **SOLD**: Bottlehead Crack + Speedball + Gobs of Tubes & Goodies

    Well, after a few years I'm mixing my kit up and have decided to part with my beloved Bottlehead Crack + Speedball. I've been using this amp with the Senn HD 650 and yes, it IS everything it's, um, "cracked" up to be! IMO you simply can't find a better amp/headphone pairing in this price range...
  12. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD 650 Complete

    A little less than 2 years old and used sparingly. In excellent condition! No scratches, dents, scuffs, or paint chips. Includes all original packaging, documentation, original cable, 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter cable, and an extra (slightly used) set of earpads. Installed pads are only 3 months old...
  13. swmtnbiker

    Oppo BDP-103 3D Blu-ray / High Res Music Player with Region-Free Kit and 4K Upscaling - MINT

    Upgraded my home theater to 4K and I'm springing for the Oppo UDP-203 when it's released, so I'm parting with my lovely region-free BDP-103 Universal player. In mint condition, I'm the original owner and purchased the unit new directly from Oppo USA. Specs:   Universal Blu-ray disc player...
  14. swmtnbiker

    Denon AVR-3312CI 7.2-Channel Integrated Network AV Receiver with Airplay

    I finally upgraded to a 4K display and had to upgrade my receiver as well, so my trusty Denon AVR-3312CI is for sale. It is in EXCELLENT condition both cosmetically and functionally. This is a very powerful sounding receiver that will light up your home theater. I am the original owner and...
  15. swmtnbiker

    Burson Audio Soloist - Excellent Condition

    Original Burson Soloist (4W output @ 16 Ohms) in beautiful condition. Australian made pure Class A solid-state power in a burly aluminum chassis. Well regarded for good reason. Smoothly operating stepped volume attenuator, high/medium/low gain switching, three gold-plated RCA inputs, one...
  16. swmtnbiker

    Blue Sennheiser Amperior - Excellent Condition

    Very nice blue aluminum Sennheiser Amperior. Minimally used. Non-smoking home. I'm the original owner. One small split on the edge of the rubber grommet on one cup, circled in red on one of my photos. Other than that minor issue they're like new. Includes all original cables and packaging.  ...
  17. swmtnbiker

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD 600 - MINT

    Mint condition Sennheiser HD 600 with HD 650 cable (original cable also included). Two years old, minimally used, non-smoking home. Pads are like new. I'm the original owner. Wonderful, neutral sounding headphone and, along with the HD 650, one of the most comfortable headphones I've ever used...