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  1. CrazyKoala

    Good replacement cable for IE8i - needs built-in mic

    Hi guys. Broke my original cable for my IE8i set. Looking to get a new one over ebay but it's quite confusing.   I'm not sure which one to choose.   2 conditions :   - I don't want to lose the bass strengh of the IEM - I need a mic compatible with android :)     If you have any tips...
  2. CrazyKoala

    PCIe Soundcard recommandations

    Hello. I would like to get some good stuff as my soundcad in my future computer. I don't want those USB equipments, just a pain.   I am not a musician. I just want to enjoy a good driving for my IEM, right now the Copper turbine.     any recommandation ? I saw the EMU 404 wasn't too...
  3. CrazyKoala

    Cable replacement for IE8 => IE8i

    Hello.   I'm looking for ways to get a new cable so that my IE8 become like IE8i. Did some of you made that "upgrade' ?   I was wondering if such a cable would work with any mobile phone (I hate my iPhone and would like to use it with my android phone).   Thank you for your help :)