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  1. DenonFnatic

    Fostex HP-A4

    I've got a DT880 sitting around so I can pair it with the amp and let you know how it fairs.   I imported them from the states, couldn't find a store within Australia, unfortunately.   Cheers
  2. DenonFnatic

    Fostex HP-A4

    Thanks!    Enjoying it already.
  3. DenonFnatic

    Fostex HP-A4

    Hey guys!   Received my Fostex with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable today   Here's a side by side comparison against my D2Ks, definitely a small unit.     Cheers James
  4. DenonFnatic

    Westone 3 re-shell + upgrade by Unique Melody

    Hey, Haha yeah, I actually sold my W3's and a few others to fund for the Heir Not sure why but I'm in the mood for a more neutral sounding IEM as my universals, planning to go for a bassier and "fun" custom in the future to complement. Thanks for the input and help! Appreciate it...
  5. DenonFnatic

    What do you want to see in an audiophile store?

      Hey,   Yes they do, but the range they provide is much smaller and prices are usually more expensive, unfortunately.
  6. DenonFnatic

    What do you want to see in an audiophile store?

    Yeah, I almost always have to purchase from Addicted to Audio for anything out of the "ordinary" e.g. no Beats/Souls/Low-End Sennys/Bose, they do run some pretty sweet deals occasionally though. Do hope NSW and WA start taking audio more seriously, I dare say that WA is probably the worst State...
  7. DenonFnatic

    What do you want to see in an audiophile store?

    Hey,   I live in Perth(Australia) and we've only got one store that is serious about high-end audio equipment, albeit very small. Although you said you'd like to focus on mid-high end gear, lower end commodities (sub $200) would be favourable in my opinion. I've visited the aforementioned...
  8. DenonFnatic

    Looking for recommendations.

    I think you can buy extension cords? I'm not exactly sure where you would purchase them from though.
  9. DenonFnatic

    I am trying to choose the right pair for me. Any suggestions?

    Hey,   Just thought I'd like to add there is the 80ohm version of the DT770 and the 32 ohm Limited Edition DT770 incase you'd prefer not to carry around a bulky piece of metal with you. I've only ever owned the M-100s and although they are a very enjoyable headphone, because of their heavy...
  10. DenonFnatic

    Looking for recommendations.

    Hi krijara.   Have you checked out the Phiaton PS210, Philips S1/S2, Radius DDM or some of the Sennheiser IE models? I'm not too familiar with open-back earphones so hopefully the above list (albeit very short) helps you out.   Cheers, James
  11. DenonFnatic

    Lawton Audio LA-DX000 series

    Hey guys,   I currently have the Denon D2K's and I'm wondering if any of you out there have a Lawton Audio modded D2K/5K or 7K as I'm considering sending my headphones to them to be modded.  It would be very helpful and much appreciated if you could share your impressions of your modded...
  12. DenonFnatic

    Westone 3 re-shell + upgrade by Unique Melody

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you own or have tried the W3x4/6/8 variants by UM, I'm currently in the market for a custom and was wondering if it was worth my time to get a W3 re-shelled and upgraded. I'm quite sensitive to sibilance and find the W3's unbearable unless I'm using the comply...
  13. DenonFnatic

    Westone or Shure

    Hi nestea   I currently have both the Westone 2 and Westone 3, for your musical taste I'd definitely put W3 > W2, however, I'd strongly recommend getting Comply T-100 foam tips or UM-56 to complement the Westone 3's, without them, I found W3's highly sibilant, bloated and lacked clarity...
  14. DenonFnatic

    Looking for a really Good MP3 Player for listening to Trance,Dance, and Techno with Great Sound Quality.

    Hey, I'd strongly recommend getting a Cowon player, the Jet Effect 5.0 is amazing. Also, most Cowon's should have an X-Bass setting which really cranks up the bass and your songs will start thumping, everytime I let a friend try my Cowon X9 with the X-Bass setting, they can't help but let out a...
  15. DenonFnatic

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Not sure if this has been posted but has just introduced the UM1 Colors series. Used the code COLORS to get 25% off :P
  16. DenonFnatic

    Recommend me headphones, need help

    V-moda LP2's? Those headphones look fine to me and you should be able to get them for under $200. As for amps, Digizoid ZO2.3, good addition to any bassheads collection, can be had for under $100.
  17. DenonFnatic

    How do I know if I need an amp?

    For me personally, I hear/feel that my headphones have more "oomph," the music they produce just has that sense of increased power or slam. Also, I find that my amp [schiit asgard] improves the tightness of the bass and overall improves the clarity of the music. However, looking at your...
  18. DenonFnatic

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    [ Aussies ]   Beyerdynamic T5p $898 incl. delivery - Also comes with aluminium case and carrying bag.
  19. DenonFnatic

    On Ear Headphone Advice

    I've personally always wanted a pair of V-moda M-80s but with my current headphone inventory, they won't see much use. I live in Australia where M-80's are $248 AUD so 115 pounds would be considered a massive steal over here. I've auditioned them once in-store for about 30 minutes and quite like...
  20. DenonFnatic

    Lost bass on my right side (Beats by Dre) !!

    Well that's Beats by Dre for you, you can always increase the volume balance for right side to make it louder but that'd shift everything else and may sound odd and uncomfortable. My Solo HDs broke around 3 years ago and they still are, didn't find it worth my time to get them fixed. Instead I...
  21. DenonFnatic

    Every Brand you know!

    Quote: Denon [ hence my username :D ] Westone Audio-Technica
  22. DenonFnatic

    UE900 Bass Weight and Quantity

    I would definitely put them at a solid 5 or 6 compared to the W3 and UM2. Bass is definitely there and should be fine for most people aside from bassheads like myself ^.^
  23. DenonFnatic

    Every Brand you know!

    Fostex, Sony, STAX, JVC, Jays, Shure, Koss, Bose, V-moda, Ultimate Ear, Creative Aurvana, JH Audio, Unique Melody, Beyerdynamic, V-sonic, Hippo, Brainwavz, Aiaiai, Audeze, Aurisonics, Earsonic, Etymotic, HiFiman, Yuin, Audiofly, Westone, Philips, TDK, Skullcandy, MEElectronics, Phiaton...
  24. DenonFnatic

    Custom IEM Recommendation

    I'm also thinking of entering the CIEM area aswell, looking particularly at the JH5 Pro/Unique Melody Aero/Mage and 1964 Ears-Q. Similarly curious about how great Custom IEMs can become and if they're worth the upgrade or not, and they also look awesome!