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  1. wildcat46734

    post your grado mods....

    Here is the next step in my Grado modding. These started off as SR-80's, I removed the silk type screen on the drivers, poked holes and added dynamat about 3-4 years ago. Last year I added a Turbulent Labs tan headband to make them slightly more comfortable. This week, I got my new mahogany cups...
  2. wildcat46734

    post your grado mods....

    Hi all, I apologize because I'm sure this gets asked a lot but I can't find any recent information. Does anyone know of any stores or users that are still making/selling wooden cups for Grados?
  3. wildcat46734

    Vali 2 tube pass of 2017.

    I just found that thread and I'm going to try to slowly work my way through it. From the first few pages it sounds like this tube rolling may be something I need to get into (also sounds like another rabbit hole to fall down).
  4. wildcat46734

    Vali 2 tube pass of 2017.

    Sorry I'm pretty new to tube rolling and even tube amps in general. The Vali 2 and Modi 2 stack is my first amp/dac and I'm running them with some modded Grado SR 80s. I'm moving back to college on Monday so I wouldn't be able to dedicate hours over a week to specifically trying to pick out the...
  5. wildcat46734

    Kansas City, MO/KS meet anyone?

    I would also be up for a meet. All I can bring to the table is a pair of modified Grado Sr-80 and if it is later on in the summer I might have an HRT music streamer 2 and Schiit Asgard or some other set up. 
  6. wildcat46734

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

  7. wildcat46734

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    Can anyone recommend me a good set of tubes that will pair well with a modified set of Grado SR-80s and indie rock music (James Vincent McMorrow, Ben Howard, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, etc)? I would like them to be fairly cheap (less than 30-35 if possible) and incredibly smooth. I don't...
  8. wildcat46734

    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    What type of thing do i need to look at to make sure it will work with the Little Dot 1+? Do I just type in EF92 or something into Ebay? What are some common options (links please :) )...
  9. wildcat46734

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    After Christmas, I'm going to be looking to upgrade my overall setup. I currently have a macbook pro and an ipod nano 1st generation. Hopefully I will be getting an ipod classic for christmas but if not its not a big deal. For headphones I have Grado SR-80i with leather headband, holes punched...
  10. wildcat46734

    Holophonic Sound

    Oh my gosh! That clip makes my skin tingle it sounds so realistic.  
  11. wildcat46734

    post your grado mods....

    ^when that song first started I was like "why did he say there was bass in this song? Theres nothing there" fast forward about a minute and my reaction turned too "HOLY **** BASS" (as I run to the bathroom to make sure my face wasn't just melted off by the bass)
  12. wildcat46734

    Good songs to test bass on headphones?  
  13. wildcat46734

    post your grado mods....

    What wire would you suggest for a SR80 recable? Custom braid silver wire? Mogami Star Quad?
  14. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    Here are some picks of my modded SR80i headphones. The mods include: custom DIY leather headband, Bilavideo Wooden cups, dyanmated drivers, 10 holes poked, loin clothe removed, quater modded comfies, and finally a more open mesh. Future mods: silver cable, JMoney headband. Thanks to everyone who...
  15. wildcat46734

    Post pics of your builds....

    I was wondering if anyone had any extra heatshrink that they could send me? I would need about an inch or two of two different colors (preferably red and white) to identify the left and right side of a my headphones? PM me if you are able to help.   Thanks  
  16. wildcat46734

    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    I need help finding a headphone to complement my wood Grado SR80i. I would like it to be close backed, extremely comfortable, at or below $250, good looking (something like either the Sennheiser HD598 or the AKG K701), and good punchy bone rattling bass. I'm not sure if this is even such a...
  17. wildcat46734

    The Jeans-fi thread

    Just moved up. I started with American Eagle jeans and a couple of days ago I bought my first Levi's. Levi 514 size 30/30.  
  18. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    That is great! I really think that you got all of the most important mods and how to do them so beginners can figure it all out and then the introduction to "woodies" might even convince some people to try and make their own cups. On the subject of making your own cups, has anyone ever checked...
  19. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    What is the process to make the Grado SR80i's balanced? I thought all you had to do was reterminate the plug and change from a normal 3.5mm plug to either a 4 pin XLR plug or two 3 pin XLR plugs. And then to transplant that wouldnt you have to cut it off of your SR80is and splice it into your...
  20. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    What do you mean by taking the cable over to the new headphones?  
  21. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    What is your guys opinions on balancing? How well would it work to reterminate a Grado SR80i with two 3 pin XLR plugs and purchase a Little Dot Balanced amp? What would the benefits be and am I forgetting anything?
  22. wildcat46734

    SR60-Mod part II

    I think one of the most helpful things would be to copy the intro of the original thread where Bila is giving a walk through of opening up the Grados and doing the basic mods and put that as the intro to this thread along with a short write up. I know the first page or two are what helped me the...
  23. wildcat46734


    Oakley Tightrope              Polished Black/Black Iridium Oakley Half Jacket           Polished Black/Black Iridium
  24. wildcat46734

    BE AMAZED UNDER $170 (140€)

    how about the Grado SR-60  
  25. wildcat46734

    Sennheiser Orpheus Question

    I know that it was a long time ago, but does anyone still have robythecat's pic of all his headphones that they could repost?