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  1. sommovigo

    Jay Z To Buy Tidal For $56M?

    I suspect that a major cash injection from a high-profile player like Jay-Z will lend Tidal the kind of marketing power to take its mission of high-resolution streaming to a larger audience and offer some serious competition to whatever remains of MOG/Beats in the Apple domain.   The fight for...
  2. sommovigo

    Reply to review by 'sommovigo' on item 'Master & Dynamic MH40'

    Right! Now I remember ... Michael makes some killer stuff, and that DACport was no slouch.
  3. sommovigo

    Reply to review by 'sommovigo' on item 'Master & Dynamic MH40'

    Yo Pete! That was a sweet listening session at Mercer's CanJam room ... that Cavalli Liquid Crimson was the ****, right? Mercer - remind me what DAC you had there?   I'm psyched to tag on this with you at 360, M - working on my prose for the Guru now.
  4. sommovigo

    Reply to review by 'sommovigo' on item 'Master & Dynamic MH40'

    I'm loving my set - listening to Dexter Gordon, "GO" right now as I type. I high-rez needle drop from the Caliburn, with a Soundsmith Hyperion cart no less! 24/192 now on the AK120 II, piping out through some secret-sauce patch cable to the iDSD Micro, to the MH40.   I'll have more to say about...
  5. sommovigo

    AudioQuest NightHawk Headphone Unveiled Today

    Won't make it to CES this year, so I'll be relying on y'all to give up the details on performance when ready. Knowing AQ, it's probably got a lot of homework behind it, so I'm expecting great things!
  6. Black Cat Cable "Veloce" 75 Ohm Digital Cable

    Black Cat Cable "Veloce" 75 Ohm Digital Cable

    75 Ohms, +/- 1 Ohm tolerance Extensive shielding using both flat-wound metal foil and silver-plated copper woven shield. Controls impedance tolerance and helps prevent leakage. Tens of GHz of bandwidth, limited only by the connectors and mating components. Broadband 75 Ohm BNCs with greater-than...