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  1. Illidan

    custom IEM and motorcycle riding

    Actually I don't think there would be a problem with the comfort if you want to wear a helmet over your custom IEM's cuz they got a pretty flat surface outside, but those are very dangerous imo.
  2. Illidan

    Fake IE8

    Well there did have kinda factory version of IE8s coming with simple package rather than fake stuff, some buyers compared them with original one and indicated that there ain’t difference at all. But I’ll still go for the original version of IE8s anyway...
  3. Illidan

    Google's new browser, Chrome

    Thanks for the tips Milkweg, I’ll try them again when I back home. They are running pretty well with my XP laptop right now.
  4. Illidan

    Koss KDE/250

    Interesting, some posts I just read about Koss KDE/250 said the prototype sound pretty good when compare to IE8, but what concern me is that if they got a good isolation anyway.
  5. Illidan

    The E3 thread!

    I’m really looking forward to Starcraft2 and Diablo3, I love the story of starcraft. BTW Barbarian is my favorite char in Diablo.
  6. Illidan

    Google's new browser, Chrome

    I don’t know why Chrome got no response sometimes when I was trying to open a new tab. My system is Windows 7.
  7. Illidan

    Custom Ear molds for Shure E5's - in China!!

    tomhirvin, The site you gave on Taobao is held by a Chinese hi-fier and as far as I know quite a few of people made their custom mold there, and according their response on Taobao feedback and comments on forums the build quality are not bad. I think you can email them for details. And BTW...
  8. Illidan

    should i get Westone3 or UM3X P.s. i'm er4s Lover..

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spyro Probably UM3X but it's a tough call. W3 reveals a very high level of treble detail (maybe a bit moreso than UM3X) but it tends to come with some unwanted siblance/shrilliness and is a little bit fatiguing on the ears much like Etys. UM3X still reveals a...
  9. Illidan

    should i get Westone3 or UM3X P.s. i'm er4s Lover..

    If your choice is narrow down between these two IEMs then my suggestion is go for Westone 3 which are more balanced than UM3X to my ears.
  10. Illidan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Quote: Originally Posted by limpidglitch Wow. I just came back from an invertebrate field study, lots of lots of bugs. Among others this Hylobius abietis Wow, any full figure photos
  11. Illidan

    Shure SE530 vs. Westone UM3X

    Quote: Originally Posted by gameboy115 Shame on apple, its eq is pretty useless. I am using UM3X, each of eq produce either unnatural/ crack sound Always with EQ off on iPod personally.
  12. Illidan

    Google's new browser, Chrome

    Using Chrome couple of days and I like them. But there's a problem, I was using google notebook with FireFox and they worked great as I could see a small notebook icon on the right bottom of the browser and clipping was easy, but now I have to open notebook in full page to do the paste, any...
  13. Illidan

    Post Your Photography Here #2

    They were shot in winter on a famous mountain in China.
  14. Illidan

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    Switch to a new Seamaster, an old model but 1120 are more stable and mature than those 2500 imo
  15. Illidan

    Best IEM for Rock? (Shure SE530 vs Westone 3 vs Westone UM3X vs IE8)

    The IE8’s bass are a little bit overwhelmed at first but they get better controlled after a period of time, and I aint own the UM3x but heard them days before, my first impression is that they got a hyper-forward vocal presentation. Voted for Westone 3 personally.
  16. Illidan

    Shure SE530? Is it still a top ranking IEM?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jensen Before you buy just plug them into other more well powered sources than just a DAP. With me, I found I was preferring the sound of the SHure's out of my laptop vs my nano. The nano alone (nor probably any portable player) can just not power the SE530's...
  17. Illidan

    Westone 3 cable ... too delicate?

    Those UE custom made IEMs and Westone IEMs got pretty much the same cables and I literally pay more attention to those tiny cord just avoid they get cracked while I'm on traveling.
  18. Illidan

    Shure SE530 Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by VoLTaG3 I thought the treble booster only touched the 2khz frequency range and higher? With the high frequency increased or saying mids and bass decreased, in order to balance the overall sound I'll turn down the volume. And for the EQ wise I'm not...
  19. Illidan

    Does anyone else have trouble enjoying IEMs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by K_19 There is one critical component that have now made me sway bit more into full size headphone side of things, and that's the soundstage, which is something no IEM will ever outperform a fullsize in (unless it's IE8 or something, I wouldn't know). And...
  20. Illidan

    Shure SE530 Appreciation Thread

    With the treble booster you certainly got an enhancement on highs but losing quite a bit of mids in the sametime. I think you could give them a period with EQ off and you'll get used to them imo or if they still get in the way of listening then maybe SE530's ain't your cup of tea.
  21. Illidan

    Does anyone else have trouble enjoying IEMs?

    I kinda feel more fun when I use the headphone cuz they literally provide more air and dynamic feeling to me and when comes to the IEM's there are more analytic details sometimes or, supposed to be you know, which makes me got a totally different way of listenning experience. But anyway it...
  22. Illidan

    Shure SE530 - Everything I need to Know

    The SE530's itself don't need an specific burn-in period imo. For the SQ wise, they are easy to drive so use them straingt out of the iPod is ok.