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  1. ilovesocks

    Review by 'ilovesocks' on item 'Fostex TH600 Dynamic Headphones'

    Equipment   Spotify Premium Firestone Audio Fubar 2 DAC Firestone Audio Cute Battery 2 amp   Build and comfort   I upgraded to these from Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. I very much like the sound of the M50, but found that their weight made them uncomfortable to wear for very long sessions (i.e...
  2. ilovesocks

    Audio fidelity - how long do you stick with a piece of gear?

    When I first discovered Head-Fi, I went through several budget setups over the course of a year, escalating to a Corda Aria and then settling in to my current rig, which I've had for 3 years now. I've had my AKG k271S for 4 years though. Having stopped being a Head-Fi regular since I'm happy...
  3. ilovesocks

    Rock Band Wii Guitar Syncing Help

    This may not be the best forum to go to for this, but it's the only forum I'm registered on besides ubuntuforums. So, my friend just got Rock Band for the Wii plus an extra wireless guitar, making two in total. We couldn't both guitars to sync with the little USB dongle at the same time...
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    Mac and PC, Antivirus Software Necessary?

    Antivirus software is completely unnecessary for both Macs and PCs. As long as you run Linux. Or GNU. Or BSD. EDIT: Or Mac OS X.
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    Amount of Sleep & Effects

    Quote: Originally Posted by jgonino Exactly. The sleep cycle, from stage 1-3, and back to 1 again, is about 90 minutes. You are in REM during stage three. Basically, sleeping in multiples of 90 minutes is good, because you will wake up during stage 1, the lightest state of sleep, making...
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    Amount of Sleep & Effects

    As a university student, the amount of sleep I get each night varies quite a bit, from around 9 hours (rare) to about 4 in some extreme cases. What I've found is that I feel good when I wake up after 8 or more hours. As the amount drops to 7.5 and decreases, I feel horrible when I wake up and...
  7. ilovesocks

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Good to see the ol' site up and at 'em again. Great work as usual, Jude and co.!
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    Parenting: Material Things

    I recently started job at a local drugstore which has (cleverly) placed its toy aisle so that it's in direct view of the children who come in with their parents. Consequently, I quite often hear cries of "DADDY, DADDY, I WANT IT!", "LOOK AT THIS HELICOPTER, IT'S SO AWESOME!", and so on. I've...
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    Recommend me a sports car

    That MR2 is badass. Looks really clean! The engine bay could use some tidying up, though. Hope it turns out well! My cousin has a late 1st-gen MR2 and it's great. Those engines can last for over 250k miles, too. If I were looking for a sports car (I sure wish I was), I wouldn't settle for...
  10. ilovesocks

    Triport Recable: Driver Problems

    I'll definitely post pictures when I'm done - maybe in a new thread. The Mogami cable I used has two separate cables for each channel which can be pulled apart to make the desired length of split. I pulled it apart and then put heatshrink around the end of the split to hopefully keep it from...
  11. ilovesocks

    Triport Recable: Driver Problems

    Quote: Originally Posted by thebob I'll be doing one of these at the weekend, my friends cable got caught in the spokes of his bike. Under the stuck on internal black mesh, are the two visible screws the only things holding on the drivers. Thanks, any other got-yas? Yes...
  12. ilovesocks

    Triport Recable: Driver Problems

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod its enameled copper wire. it is used because it is cheap, like the headphones. you should give him a good punch in the mouth. thats WAY better than the triports anyways, de-solder that crap wire from the drivers carefully, and solder your new...
  13. ilovesocks

    Triport Recable: Driver Problems

    Long story short: I'm recabling my ex-roommate's Triports. (Yeah yeah, "U SHOOD GIVE HIM A PIAR OF KSC-75 OR EVEN BETTER A PUNCH IN THE MOUTH LOL!!!!111 BOTH OF THEM ARE WAAAY BETTUR THEN BOSE!!" Give it a rest.) I've put together the new cable, which is a Mogami which splits, terminated with...
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    What was your first exposure to the WWW ?

    I came in a bit late, around '97 with AOL on a 28.8 kbps modem. The computer was a Packard Bell Pentium II 120MHz, with 8 MB of RAM and a 1.2 GB hard drive. Windows 95. I was in third grade. AOL had a great database of computer game demos that you could download for free. I did that all the...
  15. ilovesocks

    Are You a Video Games Addict? Need Help? How many hours on average do you play daily? For me, it was Counter-Strike and CS: Source. College has pretty much pushed video games out of my life, though. Definitely a good thing. Once you step back and evaluate video games from afar, you feel kind of ridiculous spending so much...
  16. ilovesocks

    White Noise or Sleep Sound generator?

    If you have access to a computer, you could use NCH's Tone Generator. You can download it for free. I've tried it and it's got quite a few options, including several colors of noise at a range of frequencies, and also a few "environment" simulators like offices, outdoors, etc.
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    Money CLip suggestions?

    There's always the Jimi.
  18. ilovesocks

    2007 NBA Playoffs Thread

  19. ilovesocks

    How many hours do you sleep per night?

    I always strive for the perscribed 8.5 or so, but it's really hard when you're in college. I usually end up with just over 7, on average.
  20. ilovesocks

    How do you pronounce "the"?

    I don't think I always follow that rule. When I say "the" before a word that starts with an "o," I say "thuh" because it's pretty much the same sound, so they slur in to each other. "Thuh octopus" with no pause in between.
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    2007 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by CLum Warriors can beat detroit. I believe. If they play like they did today, they can.
  22. ilovesocks

    What to do? Serious help needed! (work related)

    Quote: Originally Posted by gz76 I think you made the best choice. Don't stress too much, you'll find a job in no time - it sounds like you're a decent guy and quite employable. Hear, hear! I'm sure you and your girlfriend will get through this just fine. Best of luck.
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    2007 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icarium 9 seconds??? AND YOU LET THEM TIE?? YOU BETTER CLOSE IT WARRIORS!@$!@$ Quote: Originally Posted by DSlayerZX nah, they lost by ten points at the end...... =_= Pietrus missed both of his freethrows and Davis made 1/2 in the end...
  24. ilovesocks

    An INCREDIBLY stupid yet potentially thought provoking question.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Naris Could they, with time independently create grand works of computer art by coding their way up essentially blind? I guess that would be as nearly impossible as writing a symphony on parchment with a quill pen (no erasing!), not being able to...
  25. ilovesocks

    Was this a scam, or have i just missed a good deal?