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  1. OceanEnthusiast

    Need Help Chosing Headphones For Audio Books

    i use senneisher the px100's. i use them to listen to audiobooks out of an ipod while on walks. pretty comfortable and i find the balance in sound easy on the eardrums, even at higher (but reasonable) volume. they should provide enough isolation to hear clearly, but they also will leak enough...
  2. OceanEnthusiast

    anyone feel this way about the dt990s?

    Quote: when i turn the bass up on the my sound card the 990s(running through a gv5) distort the bass if it's at high volumes and if the bass is deep. before you say it's my sound card, i know what source distortion sounds like on my audigy 4 and using the gv5 fixed that. i still...
  3. OceanEnthusiast

    Bling Bling: Rasa Music's Crystal Headphones

    if you want your headwear to scream "i'm ridiculous", these will do it
  4. OceanEnthusiast

    NEED HELP ! Grado SR-125 or SR-225 (for classical music) ? And what about SR-325i ?

    i think grados sound great with classical music, especially with smaller ensembles. some may not like them for classical, and that's fine, you should consider that input. however, the grado=rock and senn=classical 'rules' some people might be tempted to parrot based on what they think the...
  5. OceanEnthusiast

    Sennheiser HD580 or Alessandro MS-1 ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx As for the phones at hand, as others have said, unless you have a strong output on your source, the MS1s would be a better choice than the HD580. i agree, that is the best way to put it. the fact is the hd580's can be driven unamped directly...
  6. OceanEnthusiast

    350-400 to spend on amp for HD650s

    FWIW, I've been using the Antique Sound Lab MG-Head OTL Mark III tube amp with my senns (580 and now 650). I like the combo.
  7. OceanEnthusiast

    Are IEM's dangerous during takeoffs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by greenhorn You're not alowed to use your electronic equipment during take off and landing anyway, so why keeping your earphones during this periods? you can listen to the on-flight radio, and you can listen to electronic devices through most of the...
  8. OceanEnthusiast

    HD580 just dropped to $125 on

    Quote: Originally Posted by toadthedry Does anyone know where thes are made. I read something on another thread that suggested the most recent 580's were made in China and might not sound as well - anyone know about this? Thanks Mike are you sure it was the 580's and not other...
  9. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Quote: Originally Posted by vai-777 I thought that was the cure for the so called VEIL but i realized it did all sorts of funky things to the soundstage and there was definatley some waves bouncing aroundin there, which the foam helps pevent. this is one complaint i have about...
  10. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Quote: Originally Posted by schapman Getting engaged in a few months and married the next year. So my head-fi journey will be delayed for a while I can pretend to be done though :P i understand. i got engaged last summer, wedding next summer. she's very appreciative of me and...
  11. OceanEnthusiast

    What is the best recorded cd(SQ) you've heard?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod QFT i also highly recommend nirvana unplugged. yes, i agree. and it surprised me. i'm not huge into nirvana, but this is very well recorded. another one that surprised me is morphine - cure for pain. late 90's rock with a fat barry sax...
  12. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Quote: Originally Posted by schapman It's almost sad that in a couple weeks I might be done my head-fi journey. uh yeah, right....
  13. OceanEnthusiast

    Recommendations Needed: iPod + Trance

    i wouldn't pick grados either. you want something with bass and a big soundstage. consider some sennheiser options, although the way everyone's talking about the akg's must mean they know something.
  14. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Davesrose IMO, the 650 is a bit of a departure from 580/600.....think they redid the driver to be more of an upgrade to the faster 595. i agree the 650 sounds faster to me too than the 580. a lot of people were complaining that the 650's have more bass...
  15. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Snacks You could say that an added bonus to buying HD 650's, is that you get an entire music library along with each purchase. (Size of your library may vary) hahaha, so true. you should see the stacks of CD's littering my desk right now.
  16. OceanEnthusiast

    HD650 HD650 HD650!

    Got my hd650's yesterday. I've owned the hd580 and sr325i for a few years. my setup is denon 2900 -> Antique Sound Labs MG head otl mk III tube amp -> hd650. loving them right now, enjoying the nuances the hd580's couldn't quite reach. enjoy, my fellow hd650 newbies. the weekend is almost...
  17. OceanEnthusiast

    argh - should i get an HD580 to accompany my K501?

    since you're in NYC, I'm sure there's a place to audition the hd580 not too far away. might be worth looking into.
  18. OceanEnthusiast

    Recommend home cans to fit my tastes (and $) + my audio background

    Quote: Originally Posted by lairpost A friend has Senn HD650, but I'm reluctant to borrow them for fear I'll like them... sennheiser has been selling their landmark hd-580 cans for years now, and because of this you can get them for under $150 new. They're 90+% of what the 650 is...
  19. OceanEnthusiast

    I got some new Ety ER4P's

    you can probably ask around in the music forum for suggestions on online services. again, bitrate even with the zune subscription may be an issue. the music they're selling is probably still very compressed. ultimately though, if it sounds fine to you, who cares? my favorite way to get new...
  20. OceanEnthusiast

    I got some new Ety ER4P's

    in limewire, you should be able to see what the bitrate for each file is as you browse. however, i think you'll find at some point you'll just want to dump limewire and find a better source of music for that reason... the bitrate is typically too low because they're ripped by people who don't...
  21. OceanEnthusiast

    I got some new Ety ER4P's

    er4p are nice, although i find the bass very lean. hard to beat the detail though. the wireless connection doesn't matter. mp3's can sound ok if the bitrate is high enough, otherwise the ety's will absolutely pick up the distortion in the mp3. what is the bitrate encode of the mp3's? i find...
  22. OceanEnthusiast

    What's the LEAST bright can?

    although i've fooled around with grado's (sr-225 and sr-325i), i like my hd-580's for this very reason: easy on the eardrums, even at higher volume. they are also quite capable, and put out a lush, sophisticated sound. i'm going along with the others and am going to say try one of the...
  23. OceanEnthusiast

    Looking for a gaming headset

    p.s. if you don't need a ton of isolation from outside noise, i'd probably even check out the pc160's instead. they're basically the same headphone, but they're open canned (vented headphone cups) and they probably sound even better/clearer/more spacious.
  24. OceanEnthusiast

    Looking for a gaming headset

    to me the pads are comfortable, i can wear them all day without them bothering my ears, in fact they've never bothered me at all. i have a big head too. i can't tell you what they're going to be like for you, but i find them comfortable. i also just like sennheiser products. these headphones are...