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    MY headphone system

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    MY headphone system

    my headphone system hp890 DENON DCD 1300
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    my friend house

    Quote: Originally Posted by ProFingerSk8er nice gear, but why is AT-HA2002 hooked-up to a panasonic PCDP via Monster Cable? That day ,we are trying test the equip. The AT-HA2002 belongs to a friend from Gaomi,Zibo,Shandong,China . spends $1100.
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    my friend house

    equip in my friend home HE is a ace for DIY HE make a static earphone by himself his house
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    head-fi in China (3)

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    head-fi in china (2)

    ha ha ha
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    head-fi in china (1)

    my e-mail:
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    china head-fi club

    some players come toghter
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    china Head-Fi club

    Quote: Originally Posted by Welly Wu Cool! Your pictures are much too small to be seen clearly. By the way, what is the website for your club? Perchance does anyone speak English? it is :
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    china Head-Fi club

    these some photos when some Head-Fi players comes toghter we have the same taste connect me