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  1. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

      I have just now bought this cd. Beethoven no. 9 by Fricsay. I am completly floored by  his interpretation. I recommend to hear it. Probably one of the best soulful interpretation of this symphony. 
  2. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

    Maybe I was not enough clear. Of course, Shostajkovich is not as pathbreaking, monumental figure in the history of classical music as Beethoven. On the contrary, certain extent he is the last representativ of a dying tradition. But I meant that Shostakovich in his music protrayed, reflected the...
  3. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

    Shostakovich was the Beethoven of the XXth century. Lived through horrible age, in the midst of Stalinist terror and also saw the II. WW. His work reflected the horrors, terror and fear of his age. Sometimes he used double speech and referred not only the tremendous crimes committed by one...
  4. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

  5. Andrasdesoria

    Flagship headphones in the killing field

    Interesting read. Very few of the highly regarded headphones survived this battle.
  6. Andrasdesoria

    Headphones for Classical music

    You really should try a stax. None of the above mentioned headphones come close to a stax as far as speed, transparency and natural timbre concerned. 
  7. Andrasdesoria

    How many pairs of Headphones did you purchase before you found "The one"?

    My first headphone was an AKG 240. Than AKG 501, I did not like them. None of them were really comfortable and I felt that they had a boring sound. Than I bought a sony mdr-f1. I still have this. It is light and supercomfortable and especially in summer the only one headphone which allows good...
  8. Andrasdesoria

    Looking for something different

    I do own and like stax. So, obviously, I may have a biased opinion. But I think when you use an expression like being on the analytical side means something negative like cold, uninspiring but detailed sound. If I would have to choose a headphone for such  a soundprint is the AKG 240, but it...
  9. Andrasdesoria

    Looking for something different

    There is no headphone wihout divisive opinions. Lambda maybe a better option than sr-x 3, but also more expensive. But if you like natural timbre and sound most similar to real life music stax is the best option, especially if you are after music which is unamplified in real life.
  10. Andrasdesoria

    Looking for something different

    600/650 is fine upgrade, but if you really looking for something different I recommend to try out a stax. You could buy around 300 usd an sr 3/5 or sr-x 3 with an energizer (you also need a real amplifier, but if you dont have you could buy for around 100 usd a decent vintage one) and you get a...
  11. Andrasdesoria

    In serach of headphones with comfort in mind

    Search for a Sony MDR-F1. The most comfortable and lighterheadphone ever. There are always some on the sell section of this site. Open design, so in hottest climate is fine. 
  12. Andrasdesoria

    Looking for a pair of cans around $300, Classic Rock.

    I did like Sennheiser HD650 (driven by O2). Mid bass reinforcement and somewhat forgiving nature makes it wonderful for rockmusic (at least for me), while enough detailed not to be at loss at good quality recordings.
  13. Andrasdesoria

    Beyerdynamic dt 990 pro, edirol 25ua EX, amp?

    I ince had this product. This is a fine pro-audio gear engineered to drive similar headphones as the dt 990. So, in principle, this is fine and should be enough to drive your headphone . 
  14. Andrasdesoria

    tube amp vs solid state amp recommendations?

    Tube amp is niche product. For 120 you wont get any good, or at least very unlikely. I would go for a solid state.  
  15. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

    Of course,the 1944 ninth by Furtwangler is one of my favourite recording of mine. 
  16. Andrasdesoria

    Fully closed, personal use headphones <=£140

    Buy a 32 ohm (Denon or Sony) closed model and you likely that dont need additional amplifier. Put all your money into the heaphone hoping that pricier will be better. Sony mdr 1 is fine. If you are not afraid of used headphones have a look into the sell section. I have recently seen there a sony...
  17. Andrasdesoria

    Challenge ... Sennheiser HD598 vs ( Need to blow my socks off ... HE-500, LCD-2, HD650, HD800 ? ) With What Amp???

    Buy a denon headphone. YOu dont need new amp, you can buy the best possible model.
  18. Andrasdesoria

    Upgrading my HD600, need help choosing between the LCD3 & LCD2

    Denon. and you likely not need to buy a new amp. So you can spend all the money to get best possible cans. 
  19. Andrasdesoria

    The best headphones in terms of dynamics

    But than you should hear HD800 as the more dynamic can compared to 701, should'nt you?
  20. Andrasdesoria

    An audiophile wants to enjoy music once and for all needs your help!

    I think, enough to buy a HD 650 at the first step. You likely to percieve huge change compared to 555. Whether to adding the asus would add better sound (and you will percieve it as a better sound) and whether the change will be in line with the investment - this is difficult to say. If you...
  21. Andrasdesoria

    What to start with....?

    For classical, the best is a used vintage stax. You can grab one for around 300. For electronica, what you have is fine,  
  22. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

  23. Andrasdesoria

    Best classical recordings...ever!

    For me, the most insightful recording of Eroica is the 1944 Furtwangler version. Maybe, due to similar controversial, probing time, this version reflects the best the anguish, hope and desilluisions of Beethoven.   None the less, this is a version, which to enjoy needs you total attention...
  24. Andrasdesoria

    The best headphones in terms of dynamics

    If I compare Sen HD 650 to Stax sr-x3, cetainly, hd 650 gives the impression of bigger difference between orchestral tuttis and preceeding pianissimo compared to stax. But I also think that this is part of the specific coloration of Senn (or dynamic headphones, if you like). Not only the well...
  25. Andrasdesoria

    Stax channel low repair suggestions

    Actually, in the sell section of headfi there is (or was? I have seen it a month ago or so) a similar demaged sr-x 3 for a few dollars. You may get that and assamble one good out of the two..