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  1. For Sale  Black Schitt Jotunheim v1 w/ 4490 dac

    300.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Or best offer
    Ships to
    1. North America
    Putting my black Schiit Jotunheim v1 up for sale. It has the v1 AKM4490 dac module and is in like new condition. Asking $300 shipped to the US48. Comes with the Jot and power cable. Please shoot me a PM with any questions. I also have a pair of HD600s that I’ll be listing after the jot...
  2. silvrr

    Schiitcago 2017 Impressions

    Have you contacted ESS to see if it is still there? This sucks if someone really did walk off with it. I have grown to trust this group and feel free to walk away from my gear at meets. I really hope this shows up and was just a mistake in what someone grabbed.
  3. silvrr

    Schiitcago 2017 Impressions

    Let try the picture thing again.... Finally two from the 2ch listening room...
  4. silvrr

    Schiitcago 2017 - 9/17/17

    Here are some pictures from the meet. Thanks @ThePianoMan for getting things setup and Schiit for sending out the gear and providing the space.
  5. silvrr

    Crack;Bottlehead OTL

    Has anyone seen any good instructions of the FAQ #3 mod for the resistors on the input or for the choke on the power supply circuit? Pretty sure I understand them, however, wouldn't mind having a go-by or something to reference off of.
  6. silvrr

    HIFIMAN on Wood

    Take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins 800 series. Made from laminated wood. I agree with the sentiment of who wrote this and having someone in marketing or even a technical person write would have sold it much better. Simply using the term laminate and not plywood would have gone a long way...
  7. silvrr

    Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    Are you selecting the Jot as your output device in windows? Also do you have the correct input selected?
  8. silvrr

    Reply to review by 'silvrr' on item 'JDS Labs The Element'

    @James Cygnus  Sorry, its been awhile since I did this review and it was just a loner from @theotherjude
  9. silvrr

    Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    Part of the reason for the 'U' shape on a few of the first amps was that the case was used as a heatsink.    
  10. silvrr

    Is my music source going through the amplifier's DAC when connected through bluetooth?

    Wouldn't bluetooth be a digitial signal that would be received by the CXAC60 that would then be converted to analog and fed to the amplifier? So the Digital to Analog Conversion would be in the CXAC60
  11. silvrr

    MrSpeakers ETHER C Review / Announcement - A New Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Flagship from MrSpeakers

    There a number of people that use toilet paper to tame the highs on headphones.  Search this thread and there is some earlier discussion.  Some of the 'pro' T50rp modders also used TP in their versions.
  12. silvrr

    Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    From what I recall reading it does use the 5V to make the connection but the DAC itself is powered off the Jot powersupply.  So the receiver is powered off USB but the DAC is not.  
  13. silvrr

    Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    They have a use in the circuit. I don't recall exactly but they are used because they have as constant power draw and that factor is used in setting or stabilizing part of the circuit. Schiit provided the answer somewhere in here or the schiit happened thread.
  14. silvrr

    Crackles and pops with RPI3, Schiit Modi Multibit + several OS

    I run a similar setup but with a 128GB USB drive. No issues like he is having. OP, what is powering your HDD? If it doesn't have its own power supply consider trying a powerd hub.
  15. silvrr

    Crackles and pops with RPI3, Schiit Modi Multibit + several OS

    Hmm, Im using a Raspberry Pi 2 and the Schiit Jot (same USB receiver as the Modi MB) and am not having any issues.  I will get a click sometimes when changing tracks alot.       Are you getting clicks throughout the track or just at the start?  It may help to change your buffer settings.    ...
  16. silvrr

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    My bedside rig. Pi2 running volumio feeding the Jot which powers some Ether Cs.
  17. silvrr

    Chicago area Headphone Meet - January 28th 2017 "ChiUniFi"

    Will be there. I'll bring my Jot, Ether Cs and HD6xx
  18. silvrr

    Reply to review by 'silvrr' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    @MLGrado I never said they compromised for cost or that it isn't a sonically good amp/dac.  Its compromised in function.  Its to big to be truly portable (ala the Chord Mojo) and while trying to keep the size down you have to compromise for things like standard connectors and on a desktop amp I...
  19. silvrr

    Reply to review by 'silvrr' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    I had the same result on the treble with the HD6XX and my Ether Cs.  Maybe they just aren't a good match as you said. 
  20. silvrr

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    My review of the BL is up after my week with it on the tour.  A big thanks to iFi for the opportunity.
  21. silvrr

    Review by 'silvrr' on item 'iFi Audio micro iDSD'

    INTRODUCTION:   When I decided to sell my Chord Mojo the iDSD was one of the units that got put on my list to research more.  If you have a box to check, the spec sheet of the iDSD BL probably does it.  Super High PCM sample rates, check, DSD, check, absurd wattage output, check, optical, USB...
  22. silvrr

    Vibro Labs Introduction, USA tour, and Head-Fi discount!

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Aria has to go back to Luke for repair.   When I unpacked the Aria I noticed a small flaw in the housing which upon closer inspection while taking some pictures last night (macro lenses are great for finding every flaw in a product) I noticed it again...
  23. silvrr

    Vibro Labs Introduction, USA tour, and Head-Fi discount!

    I'm the current stop on the tour, got them from bhazard today.
  24. silvrr

    I Need A really Powerful Good DAC. There Is no price range

    What is lacking from the NFB-11?  Its putting multiple watts into your headphones based on the ratings, should be enough to make you deaf.     Also, what is your budget?  
  25. silvrr

    I Need A really Powerful Good DAC. There Is no price range

    Im guessing you want a combined DAC and AMP that is more powerful than the NFB-11.     What headphone are you powering?  The NFB-11 should be able to drive most headphones to very loud levels.  What is causing you to look for more power?