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  1. clownzee

    Playaz N1

    Quote: oh! where can i get Sony Hybrid tips from?? 
  2. clownzee

    Playaz N1

    Hi guys, what tips can the TD100 be used with? the stock ones are terribly uncomfortable!
  3. clownzee

    Playaz N1

    OMG. where can i get the headphones???? 
  4. clownzee

    Futuresonics Atrio M5

    Damn! i lost my silicone tip! Is there anywhere else to get them besides Future Sonic themselves?
  5. clownzee

    Playaz N1

    in the process of buying the TD-100s! should i get the other tips as well? 
  6. clownzee

    Best In Ear for a Bass Addict

    Quote: Originally Posted by gav007 I would say Future Sonics Atrio M5, I have the FS1 and they use the same drivers. They are bass heavy and they thump with R&B and hip-hop i'm totally with this. I'm using the Atrio M5s and i havent been disappointed with my rap and rock music so...
  7. clownzee

    Teclast T51

    did anyone buy fom Ownta???? Does it work????
  8. clownzee

    Sennheiser IE6 or Dr Dre Beats "Tour"

    i'm inclined to think the IE6 would be a better bet for u
  9. clownzee

    [REVIEW³] CrossRoads MylarOne Quattro, Woody One, and Woody Two (Completed!!!)

    hey how much do they cost at Jaben? or are they even in yet..
  10. clownzee

    Replacement for stolen Atrio M5s

    would think the only thing that might come close to the Atrios would be the Turbines.. the Beats dont seem to quite cut it as well as the Turbines... although i'm tempted to get a pair just for the cool cables.. lol
  11. clownzee

    IEMs for a rap loving college student

    Turbines, Beats or if u want the very best in bass, the Atrios.
  12. clownzee

    IEMs for a child?

    Is it safe to assume the child will not blow out his eardrums with the IEMs in the first place? lol.. that being said, why not the Soundmagics? Cheap and VERY worth their price. Easily replaceable anytime.
  13. clownzee

    Headphones For A Rap Lover

    so u're wiling to get a second hand set of earphones? oh wait.. are u looking for headphones or earphones?
  14. clownzee

    Increasing Budget to $150....

    didnt someone find the Atrios goin for $140?
  15. clownzee

    My 4th pair of mylarone HR2s just broke. This is getting ridiculous now.

    try the Bijou? how about Soundmagic? they look the same anyways.. lol
  16. clownzee

    Bass HEADPhones sub $100

    how about them new Sony basshead headphones?
  17. clownzee

    How do you carry your earphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Geruvah I find this offensive. What about all the other people that don't have the size to accommodate the length of the wires? they'll have to get some sort of artificial extension?? rofl
  18. clownzee

    Bassheads Only? Sony Announces "Extra Bass" Series

    Quote: Originally Posted by Joelby This just in: Sony releases the first line of headphones you can have sex with! LOL!! I can see it now... the next line of questionable videos featuring these headphones on the actors.
  19. clownzee

    Minibox E+ to be restocked?

    sweet... now i jus need to save enoughh $$ ahaha
  20. clownzee

    Minibox E+ to be restocked?

    Hi! Any idea when the Minibox E+ is gonna be restocked? Says out of stock on the website.
  21. clownzee

    Hooking up different speaker sets to work together

    oh ok.. will definitely heed that advice and not mess with the config. =) thanks again! will now go audition the A2s to make sure i really want them.
  22. clownzee

    Hooking up different speaker sets to work together

    oh ok.. i get what u mean now. in that sense, its only gonna play bass that comes out the rear channel. Will the mobo feed bass equally into front and rear channels then, when i'm playing, for example an mp3? thx for replies so far! really appreciate them. helping me understand more.
  23. clownzee

    Hooking up different speaker sets to work together

    ooh i see.. so even if the Z4s are plugged into the "back" channel, the bass will still be fed into the subwoofer. But in that sense, it'll sound pretty strange rite? Unless i can somehow leave the subwoofer below my computer table while dragging the 2 Z4 sats to the back of the room. Hmmm...
  24. clownzee

    Fiio E5 killing soundstage?

    Dont think the E5 is made primarily for gaming, so perhaps u shd be looking at another amp?