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  1. acmilan1992

    Sennheiser HD 700 Impressions Thread

    Has someone already had the chance to compare them with the new hd660s?
  2. acmilan1992

    Upgrade from my Fidelio X2 - Sennheiser HD660s vs HD700

    I'm trying to decide which open back headphone i want to buy next. I've used my Fidelio X2 for 3 years now with my Fiio K5 & E17 combo, i'm satisfied, but it's time to upgrade. I liked the signature of the X2 with the fun sound and bass, but also liked the soundstage of the HD598 which i had...
  3. acmilan1992

    sennheiser cx980 anyone?

    Hello everybody :)   Have anyone the new sennheiser cx980, i would upgrade my sennheiser ie7. Are they the price worth compared to my sennheiser ie7, i don't want the ie8, because they are not so an improvement!   I hope someone can help me thx