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  1. MuseMan

    It's alll about the bass (guitar) - favorite bass guitar tracks

    Rush - Leave That Thing Alone Porcupine Tree - Halo Muse - Uprising
  2. MuseMan

    2010 - Your Favorite New Releases So Far?

    1. the national - high violet 2. massive attack - heligoland 3. apparatjik - we are here 4. chemical brothers - further 5. spock's beard - X
  3. MuseMan

    Favorite musician/band/group of all here.

    Liking the Dream Theater, Devin Townsend and Muse votes. But my favourite is Rush by far.
  4. MuseMan


    Quote: The current tour is called the 'time machine tour' so that is both a celebration of their achievements and a hint for the theme of the album 'clockwork angels'. I'd say it's all about time, growing up, looking back at the past. The song and the caravan itself is sort of a visual...
  5. MuseMan

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Lust

    Thanks, you've all convinced me! I'll get them second hand and can sell them if they don't suit. Win win right?
  6. MuseMan


    The new songs are awesome, the instrumental break in Caravan is simply amazing. To think the both are only 'single' versions!
  7. MuseMan

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Lust

    Thanks guys, Headphonic sells them at a ridiculously high price. I can get them for around $1750 in Australia from If I import from overseas there's tax and warranty issues.   I'm not to...
  8. MuseMan

    My introduction

    Hello from a fellow Melbourne Head-fier. Very nice pictures!
  9. MuseMan

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Lust

    They seem to be perfect, nice fun headphones, small enough to be portable. Great isolation and sound. The only problem is the cost - I can afford them, but it's still a lot of money to spend on an impulse buy. Am I insane or should I just get it over with and buy them?
  10. MuseMan

    constantly updated impression : Audio-gd Reference 8!

    Hi,   I understand you said he usually declares it at $500 but then you said this and confused me a bit!   Quote: Thanks.
  11. MuseMan

    constantly updated impression : Audio-gd Reference 8!

    Thanks guys, I know Australians have to pay tax if the value is over $1000 but I'm just wondering whether KingWa declares the value a bit lower?
  12. MuseMan

    constantly updated impression : Audio-gd Reference 8!

    Hi,   I'm interested in one day buying an Audio-GD DAC but I'm wondering about import taxes. I live in Australia too so I'd appreciate any info!   Thanks.
  13. MuseMan

    The Exploration of Metal and Progressive Rock

    Rush are wonderful, my favourie band. The vocals are quite brilliant once you get used to his tone and pitch. Everything post Moving Pictures has amazing vocals.
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    Drums - Neal Peart Vocals/Bass/Keyboards - Geddy Lee Guitar - Alex Lifeson
  15. MuseMan

    Opeth - Watershed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Caution I just got this album an hour ago, and I'm listening to it now, oh my the mastering on this is really nice. I hope the other Opeth albums I just got are like this I agree it is mastered well within the limits, but it is COMPRESSED to the max -...
  16. MuseMan

    The 100 greatest albums of Pop Rock Soul! THE LIST

    I've never understood the universal fascination with Nirvana. Oh, where's Rush?
  17. MuseMan

    Bringing out the mids on the Denon D2000

    According to the Headroom graphs the D5000s have more bass compared to the mids than the D2000. But to answer your question, a full or partial markl mod will tame the bass and hence make their magic mids more prominent.
  18. MuseMan

    Any other headphones I should try?

    Markl modded D5000?
  19. MuseMan

    Classic bass guitar tracks?

    Rush - Leave That Thing Alone Video
  20. MuseMan

    New Rudistor NX-03 (solid state)

    Quote: Originally Posted by mojolo thx to pfillion for the heads up. would've have found this with my standard search string since rudistor wasn't in the title. DANG, your the sneaky winner who outbid me! Good luck with it, and if you decide to sell, can I be first in line?
  21. MuseMan

    which sealed headphone for distortion

    I (tried to) listen to the new Ravonettes album with my revealing markl modded/recabled D2000s, but I could not finish the 1st song. There is a difference between wanted distortion which I enjoy (Nine Inch Nails) and the Ravonettes album, which was clipping HEAPS. My point is, some things...
  22. MuseMan

    Denon D2/5000 descriptions at Headroom

    Quote: Originally Posted by grndslm The D2000 is awesome. Buy it and tell me how it compares to other headphones!! If you wanna get the D5000, a customized Darth Beyer is prolly a better buy. The D2000 is sexy and awesome. It sounds far better than darths I think. They sound...
  23. MuseMan

    Why does the band 'Rush' make me hate my other music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Punnisher Am I the only one who thinks 2112 sounds great? It's pretty much what every rock recording should be. Not compressed, decent dynamic range, no clipping, and lots of detail. Not harsh, and not to mention the album is brilliant imho...
  24. MuseMan

    Why does the band 'Rush' make me hate my other music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by scompton I didn't stop completely right away. I just slowly listened less and less. I just bought 2112 a couple of weeks ago when I saw it cheap. All I can say is it sounds dated to me. Which is what I think of quite a bit of 70s prog rock. It hasn't aged...