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  1. jaibot

    mee what questions

    Hey everyone!   i got the mee what offer and got two pairs of earbude, one for me and one for my friend.    cw31 and  m11+ what ones should i keep(the better ones) and what ones should i give to my buddy?
  2. jaibot

    why aren't all reviews...

    haha well this turned out to be an interesting thread. So while everything in an iem can be judged objectively, it is prohibitively expensive and difficult to do so, plus it takes some of the fun out of the whole ordeal. Good to know guys! thanks for the discussion
  3. jaibot

    why aren't all reviews...

    Why don't all iem reviews simple include a frequency response graph, impedance, recorded sensitivity, and a subjective review of the ergonomics/ durability of the product? That really is all that matters in a iem, right?