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    The WORST testing song

    I listen to a lot of Drone/Doom/Noize (Boris, Sunn O)), Merzbow, Birchville Cat Motel, Fear Falls Burning,...) and none of those albums could be considered decent test material unless you know them very well. Very hard to tell where the intended distortion ends Still Absolutego (special...
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    Grado sr60/80/MS1 vs px100?

    I owned PX100, bought SR-60, gave PX100 to my dad, bought MS2i... never looked back Alessandro and Grado isn't as much a discussion on which is "better" but more of preference: - Grado = in-your-face, high-energy & full of PRAT - Alessandro = more neutral (than Grado), more balanced but...
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    Alessandro Music Series Two question

    ordered MS2i a year ago and didn't get an adapter. The driver is indeed set in plastic as I believe is the case with the MS2 as well...
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    MS2i Rookie Question

    and remember... the headbands of grado/alessandro's are meant to be bent to fit your head. Don't be afraid to tighten/loosen the clamp by bending them slightly. Only one thing to look out for: grab the headband itself for bending and not the cups! Putting pressure on the cups may cause them to...
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    are you satisfied with your cans?

    almost a year ago I got some MS2i... still enjoy every minute with them and haven't really felt the urge to upgrade since. The source and amp have been upgraded though and after moving I feel I could use a phone with more isolation for daytime listening (pretty busy city part). But that last...
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    I am interested in getting into speaker building. But first some questions...

    I was looking to carefully get into speaker building myself... and this post was just what I needed...thanks Rik! As you're in the Netherlands I might contact you later on for some good places to source parts from
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    What song or band makes your Grados shine the best?

    while I love TMV (you wouldn't guess seeing my nickname now would you?) but I'm equally in real heaven listening to Mono (any album); Pelican (City of echos); Sleeping people (growing); Battles (mirrored) etc. etc. ... I just listen to a lot of music that works well with the grado-sound. But...
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    RS2 vs. RS1: Is there that big a gap?

    he's talking about the google search for Head-Fi... which searches all the opinions here on head-fi, but with the ease and good results of the google engine :-) he's just saying that lots of head-fi ppl have already aired their opinion on this issue and a little search lets you read them as...
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    Which ear cushions go with the Alessandro MS-1's?

    I bought some bowls for €15 and I think they are in fact worth it... but search these forums a bit on sound/comfort reviews of the different pads to learn whether they are in fact what you are looking for
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    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    well, I just moved to a new apartment and I still need some furniture
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    Which ear cushions go with the Alessandro MS-1's?

    and the Senn HD414 pads are an option too ...and just to be complete, the big bagel pads (GS1000) can be used with the MS1 as well, but these are generally recommended against as they are expensive and ruin the sound pretty much
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    Grado SR60 vs. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

    a couple of things to keep in mind: - SR80 is NOT a basshead phone! It is the most bassy of the lower level grados... but that still is pretty bass-light (but tight and punchy) compared to some other brands/models (Senns, DT770, Denons Dx000,...) - I dunno where you live, but outside of...
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    Grado SR60 vs. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

    MS1 is available from the Alessandro site for $99 (including worldwide shipping)
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    Grado SR60 vs. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

    if you really want to go grado(ish), I'd get the more neutral MS1 for recording purposes...
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    Grados SR80 or the Sennheiser PX 100?

    I have PX100, KSC75 and SR-60... I'd take the SR-60 over the other two even when considering price differences. To me (which isn't standard!) the grados are much more comfortable. I use the SR-60 with bowls and this way they are circumaural for my small ears. The KSC dangle awkwardly from my...
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    eh.... the darkside. Metalheads.

    I don't listen to all sorts of metal... just a few related genres: the "hardly even metal"-genre (tool, the mars volta, barkmarket, ...), stoner (kyuss, QOTSA, ...), drone (birchville cat motel, fear falls burning, Sunn O))), ...), noise/sludge (Boris, Merzbow, ...) and some others I really...
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    The GRADO SR-60 Impressions Thread

    Europe sells the grados at prices that are pretty ridiculous (€100 for the SR-60)... so either buy used or get an Alessandro MS1 ($100 shipped worldwide)
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    Any idea which grado this is? SR-???

    the pads look to be quarter modded comfies and not bowls (too wide and not deep enough for bowls) and the rim doesn't say alessandro, so I'd say SR-60
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    Help! Grado or Alessandro?? Need help choosing!!

    in weight the phones I've tried (from heavy->light) I'd say MS2i > ATH-A900 >> RS1 > SR-60 Alien dacs and MAX's could be bought pre-built (sometimes they pop up in the FS, or you could contact a DIY'er)... but there are lots of other options (for instance, the HeadFive sounds good with...
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    Help! Grado or Alessandro?? Need help choosing!!

    just a few clear-ups: - MS2i (= Music Series 2 on Alessandro's site) and SR325i have heavier aluminum housings and would be a bad idea for someone that doesn't have a strong neck (the plastic and wood versions are lighter) - the SR-80 do not come with flats! The SR-60 comes with comfies and...
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    noobie question

    indeed, so in the example you gave, that would mean no choice for the right lead, three choices (depending only on physical cap size and lead spacing) for the left lead (and no polarity if I see it correctly)
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    Seeking Grado comfort? Try my Hybrid-Bowl DIY!

    I can (and do) wear my heavy MS2i with unmodded bowls for 5 hours+ without any good work on the mod, but not necessary for me though
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    If I like that Grado 225 sound

    if you want a fun sound and more bass for little money, the equation audio headphones (RP150?) are often mentioned (beware: I don't own any, so I can't personally say this is true or false, but it's something to look into as there are a lot of reviews on them here)... I still think most ppl...
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    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    I went for a Max as it deals with low voltages only, so I could ruin the amp but not much more if I screwed up good ... but I built a JRossel-kit successfully after having only built a Cmoy (well two) and an alien DAC before... Just follow the instructions on Tombs MAX-site (they are very...
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    If I like that Grado 225 sound

    if the SR-60+bowls (= my office setup) is as much as the SR-80, I'd go for the SR-80 just for the better cable alone (4 wire in stead of 3 wire) Beware that as you tried the SR-225 (with the SR-80 the more bassy lower level grados) with old flats, you already heard one of the grado combos...