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    "Should I rip my CDs to my PC?"

    Ripped my music collection years ago to lossless so I could have it on my MBP, iPad and iPhone works out great for me and I find I am listening to my Headphones more and more thanks to the industry loading so much tech in modern receivers it feels good to just have a great set of headphones with...
  2. ozz

    An Audiophile's Dilemma: Do you prefer Tube Amps or Solid-State?

    I tend to lean towards a well built ss amp that is class A/B for durability and sound.
  3. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    I liked my Asgard with multi-bit better that's why I sold Modi/Magni
  4. ozz

    Headphone Power Requirements.

    Headphones and Speakers for the most part are not using a lot of wattage until a dynamic passage hits then if the speaker in question does not have a reserve so to speak it will clip causing damage to both amp and speaker some never experience this if they listen at low volume levels or have...
  5. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    I have used both hi and low settings and never noticed any difference to my ears all music being played in lossless on a MBP fed usb to Asgard 3/card (multi) then to Focal Clears or HiFiman HE 400i.
  6. ozz

    What is everybody's favorite Solid State Headphone Amp?

    Still satisfied with my Asgard 3 with multibit card and Focal Clears.
  7. ozz

    Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

    I think it is source dependent I have not had a noise issue coming from my MBP via USB however my friend has on his XPS but has since bought a newer version with Unison problem solved.
  8. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    Still rocking the A3 with multi-bit module playing through the Clears listening to my library in lossless through the MBP this is been the longest I have been satisfied with the sound.
  9. ozz

    What makes the heat from the amp?

    The one in the picture is an A3 which will run warm if you want to talk about hot the original A1 was a small space heater ,I have the A3 for over a year now and it has never run hot warm yes .
  10. ozz

    For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?

    Pink Floyd DSOTM SACD to Asgard 3 to Focal Clear.
  11. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    I will say this once you feed these things some power they are one of the most dynamic headphones i have heard the slam is incredible.
  12. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    Oppo + A3/MB Card +Focal Clear has been my walk away rig for over a year.
  13. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    Lossless to the Shiit A3 with multbit card out to the Focal Clear and I find no need for eq just a comfy chair.
  14. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    Had mine almost 2 years lettering still intact ear cushions starting to show a little stain but the sound is still great.
  15. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    I think I will just stay with my original Clear's for now as they did everything I wanted in a headphone currently.
  16. ozz

    What's wrong with my setup? Disappointing sound.

    As Redcarmoose stated if you have one of those songs on CD,SACD or DVD-A i would give that a listen to rule out amp,dac or headphones before you proceed.
  17. ozz

    Your “wow” headphones

    Since purchasing the Focal Clears about a year ago I have quite looking and have listened to headphones more this year than i have in my lifetime or so it seems.
  18. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    Electronics occasionally there is a failure every know and then but for the money they offer a terrific bang for the buck I would not write them off over this my Asgard 3 has been driving my HD 580's fine at 12 o'clock and I listen to them louder than I should.
  19. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    The A3 is definitely worth it I quite borrowing and looking after purchasing it powers my Clears,Beyers,AT and Sennhiser with noise free ease also great for my iems.
  20. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    I was happy with the built in multibit card others say they hear a difference in a stand alone I did not maybe my 60+ hearing.
  21. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    Never seen any audible difference in cabling other than thicker gauge for long speaker runs but sometimes I have bought just for the looks sadly.
  22. ozz

    Asgard 3 vs Heresy and others

    I have the Magni/Modi and an Asgard/Multi-bit card besides the dac difference the A3 shines when you crank it up or have extremely difficult to drive headphones and its noticeable with the dynamics in music at high volume.
  23. ozz

    Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

    I feel the A3's advantage is being able to play very dynamic passages without fear of clipping which will result in a cleaner deeper sound.
  24. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    IMO if you throw enough volume at any headphone with a demanding passage be it movie or music it will clip but for your hearing safety I would refrain.
  25. ozz

    Focal Clear headphones

    i have used mine daily for about a year so are these newer or older that exhibit the issue.