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  1. loveheadphones

    quote on memories/clutter - thoughts?

    This is from "Mind Performance Hacks" by Ron-Hale Evans concerning clutter: Clutter fills the future with the past. An interesting thing about records is that we tend to see them again. That's what they're there for, after all. There's something about looking backward, however, which seems...
  2. loveheadphones

    How important is graduation honors?

    if you get it, you'll put it on your resume for the rest of your life (unlike your GPA). If you are already close, why not go for it?
  3. loveheadphones

    portable source vs a streaming solution

    I'm experiencing noise with the PC setup because of the fan on the PSU and the hard drive - i've tried to quiet it with a slower fan on the PSU. Anyway, that's why the duet would be handy, because then it doesn't really matter how loud the computer is (if it's far away). Doesn't the computer...
  4. loveheadphones

    portable source vs a streaming solution

    I've been looking at different ways to enable listening with very little noise. Currently have a good DAC and a good headphone amp, but it is hooked up directly to a computer, which, try as I might, is not entirely silent. Came across Ipod + Iwadia solution, along with the slimdevices Duet...
  5. loveheadphones

    So Bear Stearns is dead... bets on next investment bank to go under?

    Bernanke has been studying the great depression for his entire career. This looks eerily similar to the way that started, so this is a chance for him to show the Fed can do something about it this time. His thesis was that the banks weren't propped up. Ideally, the federal government would do...
  6. loveheadphones

    Google generation is research-impaired?

    the strange thing is I've had to go back to the library. There's really no substitute for a book when it comes to comprehensive analysis of a topic. Sure, you can get snippets and stuff off of google or through wikipedia, but it just doesn't cut it.
  7. loveheadphones

    Looks like I'm going to Stanford.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Computerpro3 I agree it's a joke. My father has a very large salary, but with me in college, my sister in next year, and my other sister in a year after that, he's going to be paying 120k a year just for us. He never got a degree, and he is in the process of...
  8. loveheadphones

    Dating & Settling

    I found this portion of the "child-man" article particularly revealing: "Single women in their twenties and early thirties are joining an international New Girl Order, hyperachieving in both school and an increasingly female-friendly workplace, while packing leisure hours with shopping...
  9. loveheadphones

    College help?

    When I was looking for schools, I visited OSU (oregon state) and really loved it. Beautiful campus, great people. I think they have rolling admissions, which could be nice. oh yeah, what's with this: "Berk consists mostly of the same type of students: those with medium-high GPA and scores...
  10. loveheadphones

    consulting as a career?

    I've been to a few company presentations (Bain, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, LEK) and it sounds interesting. Anyone here ever worked in management/strategy consulting? What's the scoop? -this is for entering after MBA, not undergrad
  11. loveheadphones

    So the more post you have = more expensive rig?

    I'm bucking the trend... just don't look at my join date.
  12. loveheadphones

    internet surfing, bandwidth required?

    Hey all, there's a lot of knowledgable people on this board, especially when it comes to computers. I was wondering approximately how much bandwidth (download/upload) is necessary for a generally pleasant internet surfing experience (like not having to wait for to load or...
  13. loveheadphones

    When amazing is an understatement...

    engineering is quite a broad subject it's too bad e.e. gets all the tinkerers, eh? a billion dollars need to be invested before I can justify my job (chem e)
  14. loveheadphones

    Help a financial NOOB!

    Ill just echo what's been said already. There are programs for investing in index funds with small amounts of money. Get involved with one (as ls20 said, transamerica has a good program) and make a commitment to invest a certain amount each month. If your workplace has a direct deposit...
  15. loveheadphones

    Gamers: Reverse vertical axis or 'normal'?

    I use a reversed vertical axis. It just came naturally to me when I first started playing Quake. I was fooling around with the A and Z buttons (look up and down), finally turned on mouselook, and I liked reverse better. I don't think you need to be able to draw a spiral to prove that you can...
  16. loveheadphones

    College advice from engineers, please (California)

    I just want to reiterate the fact that things change. Focus on your Bachelor's first, then look at getting a higher degree (ESPECIALLY when it comes to engineering). Many people start out in engineering and quit. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Think about it, you have never taken a...
  17. loveheadphones

    Gettin' $800 back from the tax man...

    had to pay $900 to federal, $800 to state. ouchie.
  18. loveheadphones

    Ivy vs. Nearly free

    I don't know - I think it's just as ignorant to believe those idiotic ratings. Visit the school. Talk to people who went there. Make your choice.
  19. loveheadphones

    "The Ten Biggest Lies In Audio" - Can You Believe This?

    I hate it when someone says "well, if anyone ever took an elementery digital systems class, they'd agree with me.." Just take one look at our DIY forum.
  20. loveheadphones

    What's Up with the "Slow-Posters"?

    I read the newspaper every day and don't write them letters, either
  21. loveheadphones

    CRAP!!! Hard drive failure!

    actually it scared me too... just got a 160 gb seagate from bestbuy for $40
  22. loveheadphones

    Mars Volta. wow. wow.

    a lot of my friends recommended them, but I can't get over the lead singer's voice. It makes everything sound thin IMO. Not my bag, what can I say.
  23. loveheadphones

    Savings strategy 2005

    Your strategy looks good. You need to find out when the BN matching contributions vest. I also recommend splitting your retirement assets into 401k and roth IRA's. You may be contributing a bit too much to retirement, I would probably have a total of 10% combined (401k and roth). As others...
  24. loveheadphones

    do digital outs differ one from the other ?

    I have had the same experience with the iriver ihp-120 and m-audio sonica. My cheap cd player coax digital out beats them both handily, and ihp-120 is worse than the sonica. In my experience, digital outs do differ from one another. edit: i don't use a DAC1 but I've tried using a monarchy DIP...
  25. loveheadphones

    in despair.. cheap CDP beating sonica?

    DAC: Monarchy M22B w/ piggy back mod Amp: Blockhead SA Balanced Cable: Dimarzio Headphone: HD-650 / Zu CDP: Samsung HD 841i (cheap universal player) coaxial output fed into DAC (tried it with monarchy DIP in between, not much difference) through headphile blacksilver IC. vs. M-audio...