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  1. yello131

    [new headphones] Fischer Audio Renaissance

    I will be getting mine  from Musica by end of April , Will post a review of some sort down the road
  2. yello131

    Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

    Quote:   Where can one get the new Hisound Dap? Is it coming for sale yet?
  3. yello131

    looking for iem under $500

    Have you heard about Aurisonics ASG-2? I nor anybody else has had them yet but I heard lots of great things about the AS-2 customs I will get them eventually will compare them to SM64
  4. yello131

    Looking for some IEMs with deep bass (<$350)

    Check the aurisonics ASG-1 I heard lots of good thing about it now ready myself to order it soon. Here is the website with more info Once I get it I will post my impressions on aurisonic thread
  5. yello131

    Ortofon e-Q5 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Actually according to their website, $198 already including shipping cost (not the speedy EMS) regular one. also just noticed the new Ultra Ortofon MHd-q7 portable amp is on pre-order sale today for $298.(also shipping included here)
  6. yello131

    Colorfly C3 Discussion Thread

    hi  where can I get the C3 in the states?  Cant seem to find any dealers around
  7. yello131

    What's the best IEM for opera? ~$300-500

    Quote:   I dont recommend Earsonics for Opera music at all.  I would suggest Fitear F111 or Ortofon e-Q7. Btw, Sm3V2 is available on sale from MA
  8. yello131

    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    Check the Ortofons e-Q5, they are amazing with Balanced across the spectrum as well as great bass,not a bass head though.. one can get them for under 200 from MA   Quote:
  9. yello131

    FitEar TO GO! & Universal Series --- Suyama's custom IEM, made universal!

    Quote: cant you get customs  ordered through US dealer ALO?
  10. yello131

    Best IEMs for under 250$

    Quote: Dba02mk2 appear to be on special  at Musica with Free EMS worldwide shipping
  11. yello131

    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    Quote: have you heard of  Fischer audio Consonance? It is amazing sounding among my favorite from Fischer line up.. Highly recommended
  12. yello131

    Tralucent audio 1plus2

    On headfi there are few members  who actually own it. I believe one can read all about it on thread dedicated to tralucent 1plus2
  13. yello131

    Headphone or Earphone for my Cowon Z2 under $100

    Fischer Audio has great models very popular here on Headfi like Consonance, Silver Bullet, Enigma . You can ship this from russia directly to India that is best bet for you.
  14. yello131

    Can I get anything better for $70?

    Check this thread
  15. yello131

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio - From Russia, with love.

    nice video, I want to male one myself now Lol
  16. yello131

    Colorfly C3, Hisoundaudio Rocoop, or Hifiman 601

    C3 is better as it is solely designed for Audio and not video playback ex, Ck4
  17. yello131

    A portable player that can output digital (from wav files) - but is not a phone .... ?

    there are a handful of players that do match your description/preferences.  The price range of these devices varies anywhere from 200 to 1000 US dollars  One is very nice and cheap is called Rocoop from Hisoundaudio, Another Colorfly  C4 or Hifiman 601 and lastly Ibasso dx1000 internal...
  18. yello131

    Ortofone e-Q5 short review

    eq5 are a very well priced earphones and sound wise are well worth the asking price.
  19. yello131

    REVIEW: Fischer Audio FA-011 - OFF THE DEEP END!!

    Quote: I contacted Musicaacoustics,  I was told the Fa011 are in very short supply. They literally have few units left  from the new batch that is scheduled to land by end of this month , rest all pre-ordered/sold Next stock will be available for pre-order in December only.
  20. yello131

    which universal to get before going the CIEM route.

    Check the Final audio design earphones like Heaven IV or Heaven C about the same price range  as RE272 Final audio has also cheaper models under 150US so the choices are wast.   one thing for sure you need a good isolation for commuting, also for cycling ergonomics is something to worry...
  21. yello131

    [REVIEW] Fischer Audio FA-004wh - For Those Treble Lovers on a Budget!

    is this model you are reviewing here is for Fa004 v2, cant tell? on fischer`s site it actually specifies V2
  22. yello131

    FitEar TO GO! & Universal Series --- Suyama's custom IEM, made universal!

    Quote: any idea if the Italian shop shipping to states? If so I am definitely getting this for 890euros. if not, anyone from Italy here?
  23. yello131

    Best iems under 150!

    Dba02 Mk2 is another one very great IEM but price is above 150US if you could stretch budget to 200 or so you can check several other IEM. The one I owned and recommend is Ortofon e-Q5 they are usually priced at 250  but running on sale at Musicaacoustics e-Q5 is very superb IEMs,  there...
  24. yello131

    Best iems under 150!

    for under 150 there are several deals to choose from. Gr07 and R-50 are options to consider. Also something like TF10 is suitable for rock as well Personally I have not owned neither of those but read quite good positive responses.
  25. yello131

    Looking for IEMs

    For within your price range check Fischer Audio stuff This people have vast array of earphones for all tastes and prices. The cost/performance ratio is quite good. I personally only have heard the top of the line DBA02 but there are reviews on headfi for their mid level models or even entry...