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    AKG K-702 old vs new

    I've listened to the old K702s via some AV receiver. Mine plugged to my receiver do sound a bit worse than through the amp, but not that much. Anyhow, I'll have to organize a direct comparison to verify this. Other than that, the pads appeared identical to mine, just the angled ones and they had...
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    AKG K-702 old vs new

    Hello everybody, It's been a long time... anyhow. Several moths ago, I bought a new pair of K-702s (current made in China version Ser # 176xxx). I read several older reports on these being harsh, sterile and with unnaturally wide soundstage. Anyhow, the price was quite good, so I decided to...
  3. blr

    DT-770 pro 80 ohm overrated?

    Yeah, the DT770 design concept was created in the 80's. They are still good phones for studio tracking, comfy and robust, but in terms of pure SQ, you can have better for less nowadays.
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    What is Grado's niche these days?

    Defensive, no. Nothing to defend against. In fact, I sold my last pair of Grados some 15 years ago. Talking about a niche, I don't consider them to be a niche brand in the HiFi headphone world. They are one of the big players, especially in the US, where they can be priced very competitively.
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    What is Grado's niche these days?

    Well, you basically saying that a product cannot justify its existence because several other products can put up the sum of its qualities? I don't get it. Grado has (and will have IMO) a cult following for a good reason.
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    Review by 'blr' on item 'Philips SHE3590BK/10 In-Ear Headphones (Black)'

    I got these in a hurry before a flight some time ago, realizing that any phone is better than no phone on a several hour flight.  I didn't expect much, but  putting them on made me stop and have a listen for a minute. These 10 Euro phones were not junk, not at all actually. Bass and treble were...
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    PCDPs vs. CD/MP3 players

    Quote: Originally posted by Duncan After listening to the IMP550 (or maybe it was the 500 - I forget, although Bangraman can correct me here) and comparing it to the likes of the D777, and D311, it really was a no brainer in terms of sound which way to go... ...The IMP disappointed me...
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    PCDPs vs. CD/MP3 players

    Quote: Originally posted by Thasp Get a newer panasonic. I'm getting my SL CT 800 in a few hours(look forward to a iMP-550 i**** vs Panasonic comparison today), and my old $50 panasonic owned. Am I the only one getting a bit tired of you bashing iRiver? Mine isn't working 100%...
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    Philips Headphones

    I am one of the very few advocates of these phones here. Most of the users think they are bad.
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    Panasonic SL-CT800 vs iRiver iMP-550

    Well, It's clear you like the Pana more. To me iRiver still has some advantages, appart from its sound quality which can be subjective 1. Firmware upgradable=futureproof and new features will be added too 2. Good equalizer to tweak the sound 3. Very good display giving a lot if information...
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    New Case for 550??

    When it comes to cases I'm a Case Logic fen. I am using DMP6 with my 550. The case holds the player (quite neatly), 6 CDs and some accesories like spare set of gumsticks and buds. You can actually accomodate more CDs something like 10 at least. You can see it here...
  12. blr

    NIMH rechargeable batteries + mp3 player=good?

    NiMH is the way to go. May cost a bit more at first, but over the time it will be cheaper and more flexible. I use only Sanyo cells (also branded as Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Canon, Energizer, Varta) and in my experience they are the best. The new 2500 mAh cells by Sanyo are excellent. Also make...
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    The most beautifull DAP ever.

    I used to have a Philips HDD100. While it looked great it didn't sound that good and the headphone out was weak. It couldn't drive even PortaPro adequately. After 18 months of use the battery died and Philips wanted something like 100 Euro to replace it. Since that I decided I will never buy...
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    Nano or not?

    IMO there are better DAPs than the iPods out there. I'd get something from iAudio, iRiver or Creative, more features and better sound quality at the same (or sometimes lower) price
  15. blr

    Ipod Nano sound quality???

    Quote: Originally Posted by eggplant of doom My iPod got nicked a couple of weeks ago, and I can't decide between the nano and iAudio's X5. all the references until now were between different generations of pods. could someone draw any parallels between the nano and other mp3 players...
  16. blr

    Best MP3 Player???

    After much research I decided on the iRiver H10 6 Gig. I've used it for about a month and I'm very pleased with it. Almost any feature one may want, such as user replacible battery (very important IMO), FM radio FM and voice recording, charging via USB or external PS, drag and drop transfer...
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    What kind of clip do you use to attach wire from earphone to shirt?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider How does your clip look like? I took it from a broken handsfree from y Nokia cell phone. It's a small spring loaded clip that has a small canal the holds onto the cable. Check the nearest cell phone shop they'd have these handsfree phones...
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    What kind of clip do you use to attach wire from earphone to shirt?

    What I do with my E3s is take the cord around my neck from one side and thenput them on. I remember when I had a MD player with a remote control that didn't have a clip I used a clip from a cell phone handsfree. The clip attaches to the cable, it's easy to remove it from the handsfree and...
  19. blr

    In Ear phones

    One think about E3 that has been mentioned. Their sound depends a lot on the tips you are using. The soft silicone tips give a bass light sound. With the foam tips however these things really start to sing. The bass is there and is quite deep while the high end ramains clean and clear. I haven't...
  20. blr

    iriver H10! should i buy one? or any other suggestions?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BIGtrouble77 The H10 is a big step backwards for iriver. It's bulky, feels cheap and is devoid of any useful features (and it doesn't help that I hate those touch strips). -BT I don't agree. True H10 is taller than say Creative Zen Micro, but it's...
  21. blr

    Need advice for new mp3 player

    I have a 6 Gig H10 and so far have been qite happy with it. I had to decide beween H10 and Zen Micro and finally decided on H10 for 3 main reasons: more powerful headphone amp, better screen and reported user problems with the nicro headphone output breaking easily. If I have to say something...
  22. blr

    Why are MiniDisc players still around?

    To add to all the things already said, MD units have easily replacible batteries and spare ones are much cheaper than the Li-ions found on the most of the DAPs. This coupled to their long battery life makes them very energy efficient. I agree that Sony is to blame for the limited popularity of...
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    Need a portable can with soundstage

    Are you concerned with things like isolation and sound leakage? Spacious soundstage is usually found on open headphones. If the sound leakage is not a problem try some Grados. SR-80 fit your budget and their soundstaging is not at all bad for a 100 USD pair of phones. They don't fold but the...
  24. blr

    Headphones for monitoring sound with a camera

    For sound monitoring I'd also recommend the MDR-V6. They may be too big for the iPod mini, I mean the portability factor is lost. I'd go with the V6 for the cam and listening to the iPod at home and would get a pair of inexpensive earbuds such as Sennheiser MX450 for trully portable setup.
  25. blr

    Senn MX350 vs. MX450

    Concerning the difference between MX400 and MX 450, there have been several posts here comparing them. For me, personally, the MX450 is the better one, but generally the differences are not that big. About the differences between MX350 and MX 450 I don't know. Judging from the diff. between the...