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  1. HPuser9083

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Basil Poledouris - Across The Board/End Credits. Adding a photo of my 'cans as a bonus. I also had a little bit of fun with GIMP as well. On the playlist now: Peter Schilling - The Noah Plan.
  2. HPuser9083

    Sony MDR-V6 (and family) Impressions Thread

    I'm pretty certain the nylon pouch means you got a fake.
  3. HPuser9083

    Best Tv Show Theme Songs

    This is actually pretty badass relative to the audience it was shooting for. As an added bonus (and I have a lossless copy of the full version of this song in my music folder, in addition to the rest of the 2BA Master album).....
  4. HPuser9083

    Favorite tracks from video game OSTs

    Toshiharu Yamanishi - Metal Squad - Thunder Force IV. Masahiko Yoshimura - Honjin no Theme [Headquarters] - Shining Force. Motoaki Takenouchi - Into the Darkness - Shining Force II. Motoaki Takenouchi - Elven Town - Shining Force II. Motoaki Takenouchi - Water Goddess Mitula - Shining Force II...
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Motoaki Takenouchi - Into the Darkness. FLAC download:
  6. HPuser9083

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Owl City - When Can I See You Again?
  7. HPuser9083

    Sony MDR-V6 (and family) Impressions Thread

    New owner of a set of V6s and I love them so far, to the point where my modified Portapros have been drawered.
  8. HPuser9083

    Looking for a fun, energetic headphone for under $500.

    Depending on your idea of 'fun and energetic,' but as a new owner of the set, and a very satisfied one at that, I can vouch for the MDR-V6 if you can get a good deal on a set.
  9. HPuser9083

    Sony MDR-V6 Counterfeit comparison thread w/ Pics

    How would these compare to the thread in concerns of being legit or not? *UPDATE: I got them three...
  10. HPuser9083

    Sennheiser HD 497 vs. Grado SR60 vs. Sony MDR V6

    Sorry to burst people's bass bubbles, but freq. response graphs dictate that the SR60s and MDR-V6s should sound slightly similar, since they have similar curves between each other.
  11. HPuser9083

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    Try using them with the PX200 earpads. Sig says the rest. Although I was mostly messing around when I stuck the KSC75 drivers on my Portapro headband.
  12. HPuser9083

    Koss KSC75 vs. KSC35

  13. HPuser9083

    Mods for KSC75 headphones

    You could also just stick the drivers in an actual Portapro/Sportapro headband, replacing the stock foam earpads with PX200 earpads, and achieve favorable results.
  14. HPuser9083

    How Are The JVC Gummies

    I'm considering picking up the HA-FX5 Gumy Plus buds as part of a cheap portable music system, unsure how they'll sound or what can be modded about them.
  15. HPuser9083

    the most incredibly stupid lyrics you've ever heard

    'You a stupid hoe! You a you a stupid hoe! You a stupid hoe! You a you a stupid hoe! You a stupid hoe! You a you a stupid hoe! Yeah, you a stupid hoe! Yeah, you a you a stupid hoe! You a stupid hoe! You a you a stupid hoe! (Stupid stupid!)'
  16. HPuser9083

    What headphones are you currently rocking?

    Currently, the Bass Freqs with homefabbed bi-flange tips, but intend to upgrade to SE215s with 8320s for some cheap commuters, both using either bi-flange or tri-flange tips fabbed from the same earplugs that my current bi-flange tips were fabbed from - 3M PELTOR Sport tri-flange earplugs.
  17. HPuser9083

    Best Tips for Monoprice 8320?

    Could try fabbing some tri-flange or bi-flange tips out of some 3M PELTOR Sport tri-flange earplugs, I'm getting good mileage with the bi-flanges I made out of those plugs on my Bass Freqs, but your mileage may vary on the 8320s.
  18. HPuser9083

    Are there any headphones that COMPLETELY block out noise even w/o music playing?

    Any good IEMs with either foamies, bi-flanges, or tri-flanges for tips should work, and also, bi-flanges or tri-flanges can be DIYed from 3M PELTOR Sport Tri-flange earplugs or any other tri-flange earplugs, just poke a hole in the earplugs big enough for sound to go through them, and then slip...
  19. HPuser9083

    Official v-moda bass freq appreciation thread...

    These IEMs are good for $20 in stock form, but either buying some bi-flange or tri-flange tips, or making some out of some good tri-flange earplugs, like 3M PELTOR Sport Tri-flanges, and tweaking the EQ to showcase the lows, while of course giving the mids and highs a shot, improves them quite a...
  20. HPuser9083

    Which Headphone is next on your "To Buy" list?

    1) Shure SE215 and good desk headphone amp/DAC. 2) Some 3M E-A-R Classic cylindrical expanding foam earplugs or any other 33-NRR expanding foam earplugs to make homemade tips out of. 3) A good portable music player and a good portable headphone amp/DAC. Basically, the SE215s with the earplug...
  21. HPuser9083

    Best free linux distro?

    Actually, it's different, APT, like YUM, Entropy, Pacman, and ZYPper, is binary-based, and uses pre-compiled binaries, Portage/Emerge is source-based and compiles from source.
  22. HPuser9083

    Best free linux distro?

    I recommend Arch, but technically, all Linux distros but RHEL, of which free clones exist in the form of CentOS and SL, or SLES/SLED, are free, so all bets are off on what distro you can run, pretty much.
  23. HPuser9083

    What would be a good cheap IEM to use as a guineapig for mods?

    Aside from the Bass Freqs I already have and am considering modding a little bit, as they're not bad for $20 IEMs from three years ago, and could possibly benefit from a better enclosure, some foam tips, and a recable, what would be other good $20-$50 guineapig IEMs for trying various mods on...
  24. HPuser9083

    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    Haven't heard any IEM aside from the Bass Freqs, which need to be upgraded in a few ways, one of which that will definitely be done is fabricating some foam tips out of some earplugs, and the other two upgrades that are a maybe if ever are a recable, to put a better cable on these things, or mod...