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  1. goldenratiophi

    How many CDs / Records do you own?

    I'd say around 200 CDs and records. I buy a whole lot of downloads, however, from Amazon MP3 and such.
  2. goldenratiophi

    Is there an MFSL of any of the Elvis Costello albums?

    Because, uh..... That's not natural. In fact this 2007 mastering of "This Year's Model" I got yesterday is often downright painful to listen to.
  3. goldenratiophi

    Head-Fi Vinyl Geeks! Help!

    Quote: Originally Posted by strangemusic EDIT: 222nd post! I divide a circular Head-Fi into segments the ratio of whose areas is equal to the golden ratio. MAGIC! you called? But seriously, Discogs has two listings for the vinyl of Jaco Pastorius' s/t: Jaco Pastorius So...
  4. goldenratiophi

    Why do public these days always flock to the worser player (piano)

    I just looked this guy up on YouTube, and.... wow. His performances are so ho-hum. No variety whatsoever. "Bang Bang" certainly is accurate - I played like that when I was 10.
  5. goldenratiophi

    I finally "got" Ellliott Smith. Ever happen for you that way? With what musicians?

    Elliott Smith was an instant favorite the very first time I heard him. So haunting and intimate. Slint's Spiderland took me a while because the first couple times I thought it was boring and gave up. After getting Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock" (amazing album btw, and well-recorded too) I...
  6. goldenratiophi

    Bands That Desperately Need To Make Another Album

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Pink Floyd without Waters (I must be the only PF fan who doesnt really like The Wall) I don't like most of the Wall, but I didn't like Division Bell or AMLOR either, so... meh. I'm happy with Piper and WYWH, I don't need a PF reunion. Quote...
  7. goldenratiophi

    Bands That Desperately Need To Make Another Album

    The Avalanches. It's been over 7, almost 8 years. Where did they go? Since I Left You was amazing! Rick Astley. You can't just not capitalize on the rickroll! Quote: Originally Posted by rhythmicmoose Primal Scream, because ending on a low note sucks. be careful, they...
  8. goldenratiophi

    multiplication before addition

    Order of operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quote: The order in which the unary operator − (usually read "minus") acts is often problematical. In written or printed mathematics, − 3^2 = − (3^2) = − 9, but in some applications and programming languages, notably the application...
  9. goldenratiophi

    multiplication before addition

    Quote: Originally Posted by Arainach Having 5^-2 = -25 makes no sense; it's 0.2 because we process the - first. The - is processed first because it's in the exponent. And when all else fails: ps: I don't argue that -x doesn't always equal -1*x in some algebraic...
  10. goldenratiophi


    I've never been a fan of the actual taste of jalapeño. They're okay, but I prefer habaneros.
  11. goldenratiophi

    multiplication before addition

    Quote: Originally Posted by Arainach Parenthesis Negation (the unary - operator) Exponentiation/Roots Multiplication/Division Addition/Subtraction huh? Negation is just multiplication by -1. If negation is to be read first then you'd have -5^2 = 25. However we write -5^2 =...
  12. goldenratiophi

    40% off CD's at Borders here... What to get?

    Total shot in the dark, but I'm loving it right now: Side note: is this sale only in NZ?
  13. goldenratiophi

    Judge to RIAA: You can't sue over songs 'made available' via P2P

    Didn't they rule the opposite not too long ago?
  14. goldenratiophi

    Creative just keeps digging their grave...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Marzie I will be checking newegg tomorrow, as well as reading news regarding whether or not the newegg post was legit. This will be HUGE news, if it is true. It's probably not - why would they process 5k returns on a Sunday?
  15. goldenratiophi

    The way I see it... suspicion on some head-fiers

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia I didn't want to say anything, but I get the feeling certain people are shilling stale phallus-shaped pastries... Pretzel-dogs?
  16. goldenratiophi

    Any reasons why I shouldn't buy import CDs?

    I want to know where the heck you're getting CDs from Japan at $6 SHIPPED. Usually shipping is at least $6!
  17. goldenratiophi

    Believable excuses to get off work

    Say she's getting a colonoscopy and show them the pics from this thread.
  18. goldenratiophi

    My cat tore up my Virtual Dynamics Power 3...

    I'd gladly take a free Power 3 for my own feline-assisted build quality assessment to compare to Akathisia's
  19. goldenratiophi

    Kid in Canada steals a Skyline GT-R, gets owned by an entire forum

    The sequel to NSX_Nick? I haven't read it yet, but it looks like fun!
  20. goldenratiophi

    Loss of Audio Quality

    I think krmathis is looking for the term 'ogg vorbis' Anyway, there is NO loss of quality in moving files across USB.
  21. goldenratiophi

    right margin to left!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Carmantom April Fools is still a bit off yet. I say for April Fool's they should put the avatars on the right.
  22. goldenratiophi

    right margin to left!!

    ow, my brain! is there a greasemonkey script that could possibly move it back to the right?
  23. goldenratiophi


    Debut, Post, and Homogenic are all very close, but I think Homogenic edges out.