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  1. chych

    Hifiman Ananda

    Lol good to know I made the right choice with the Anandas :)
  2. chych

    Hifiman Ananda

    How do you like the Audeze LCD 2 compared to the Anandas?
  3. chych

    Hifiman Ananda

    Well then, did some more tests using my iPhone dongle's output and JDL Atom. I just cannot find any difference between them. I even did something extreme - play the left earspeaker with the iPhone, and the right one with the JDL (Hifiman supplies two cables for the Ananda). After matching...
  4. chych

    Hifiman Ananda

    Well I'll try and do a more careful listening test later today. Yesterday I was primarily testing the JDL Atom vs. my 18 year old MG Head DT (computer source, optical output to an Entech 205.2 DAC). I tried to A/B it as best as I could without special equipment; got the two amps matched in...
  5. chych

    Hifiman Ananda

    And here I am, not able to tell a difference on my Anandas, between: JDS Labs Atom (solid state), MG Head DT (vac tube), and iPhone output. Amping is overrated as far as I can tell.
  6. chych

    The Last Ten Pounds

    I'm 5' 8" and I was around 140-150 for several years, having the issue where I can't lose the 'last 10 lbs' that were blocking my abs/'love handles'. Then I did some swimming last summer (~3 hours/week) and now I'm 130-140 now, and my abs are starting to show. That worked for me!
  7. chych

    Point and Shoot v. DSLR Dilemna

    Quote: Originally Posted by Puppysmith The Nikon D50 and Canon EOS have brilliant CCDs that allow shooting at 800 without noise becoming a problem. Funny that the D50 sensor is made by Sony, and Canon doesn't use CCDs (not since the 1D). The D50 is a 6MP camera, so it's going to...
  8. chych

    Point and Shoot v. DSLR Dilemna

    Regarding your images, I'm gonna say that the first flower image is the Alpha, second is the 717. I say this because typically P&S tend to oversaturate colors, where DSLRs keep a more neutral tone. You can boost the colors on the A100 using the 'Vivid' mode. I believe the second screw-driver...
  9. chych

    Do you own a digital camera that you Love? or hate? I'd like to know

    My point & shoot is a Nikon Coolpix 885, which I never was satisfied with when I first got it (something like 5 years ago). Painfully slow and very weak low-light quality. My mom got a Canon Axxx-something, which was a step above the Nikon. Still slow, but better quality; both of these p&s have...
  10. chych

    DSLR Lens advice for a beginner

    Indeed in-body stabilization only compensates for your hand motion, it will never freeze motion like how a faster shutter speed/flash will do. I do use the stabilization on a tripod often, due to things like wind vibrating the camera. Regarding stabilization causing blur when on a tripod...
  11. chych

    DSLR Lens advice for a beginner

    I have a Sony A100 myself. Keep in mind that you have access to all the old Minolta autofocus lenses, many of which are excellent quality (and all give you in-body stabilization). Popular lenses are the 50mm/f1.7 (~$80 on ebay) and the 70-210/f4 (~$150 ebay); many people start off with these two...
  12. chych

    Canon and Nikon Shooters - What Lens You Wish You Got From The Opposite Brand?

    I'm in the Sony/Minolta camp, and I rather like the Nikon 18-200 VR AF-S DX lens, which is better than any other 18-200 out there; great for general purpose/travel occasions (though I believe Sony is coming out with high-end 18-250 competitor soon). Of course Nikon can't seem to make enough of...
  13. chych

    anyone else have a bad new years?

    Well, I ended up spending my 1st of January traveling (other than the brief party on the eve). I was in airports and airplanes from 9 AM till 6 AM the next day (had to camp at my final airport since I missed the last bus home, thank you delayed flights)... now that's what I call a bad new years.
  14. chych

    Annoying Ebay search?...

    Try searching for: +pimeta -pieta
  15. chych

    Auditioned some cameras today...

    That's basically what I thought when I tried out the cameras at circuit city and best buy. I ended up going with the Sony (just ordered it), mostly due to the IS (don't want to spend $$$ for the Nikon/Canon IS); I figure I'll get used to the ergonomics over time. Though I hear the Sony has poor...
  16. chych

    SWAN Speakers

    Meh, I have two sets of m200s (in my family). One has an intermittent left channel, and the other has a noisy pot. Not quite made out of the best electrical components... they're a little on the warm/muddy side, imo.
  17. chych

    Nikon D80 or Canon rebel XTI?

    Quote: Originally Posted by n_maher Ouch, that'd be a deal breaker for me right there. I've already run into situations where the .95 crop has cause me to have to adjust the composition of a few shots, I can't imagine what it would be like working with .85. It's really a shame they...
  18. chych

    Nikon D80 or Canon rebel XTI?

    Quote: Originally Posted by law1979 Hi D80 or 30D, its up to you, but D80 is technically superior (sensor dynamics, maybe a better viewfinder too - not sure about that one). Certainly does have a better viewfinder, I think .95x compared to the rebel's .85x; very similar to the...
  19. chych

    Head-Fi Old School Roll Call.........

    Kind of here on the occasion, browsing around. I've lost much interest in the hi-fi subject (I do retain most of my equipment though). Registered on the birth date of head-fi (10th one), been at headwize.
  20. chych

    New Nikon D40

    Why in the world would they be replacing the D50 with an inferior D40? The only advantage the D40 has is its LCD (and size/weight to some). Now I shall be placing my order for a D50 (with a nikkor 18-70 and a nikkor 50/1.8D). Canons with decent lenses are too expensive for me to consider them...
  21. chych

    Camera as a Birthday Present (Part 2) New info!

    Meh, these DSLRs have 'auto' functions, and different priority modes. They can be as easy or as difficult to use as you want them to be. A D50 even with the kit lens will be quite sufficient, and once (or if) she gets used to a DSLR, better lenses can be invested. I would possibly go for a...
  22. chych

    How many have delt with audio hate?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia Cause even compressed music improves noticeably with good equipment. I agree with this, and frankly, even on expensive equipment, I cannot tell a difference between decently compressed and lossless music. However on better equipment, I certainly...
  23. chych

    How many have delt with audio hate?

    Meh, I can't tell a difference between 192 rips and lossless, so all my music is compressed. Actually I can sometimes barely tell a difference, but I have no idea which one is better, so it really doesn't matter, I'll save my hard disk space. If you think your lossless sounds a lot better, then...
  24. chych

    medical issue, any doctors in the house?

    Well, you can get blood tests for some of these specific cases, such as for the Thyroid (I recently had one, came clean)... Just see your doctor about it.
  25. chych

    Interesting Facts

    A full head of hair can support 10 tons in tension...