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  1. F107plus5

    How many siblings do you have?

    I said two, and that's almost right. I had an older brother; but he passed away a few years back. I have a younger brother, but I've only seen him one time in the last twenty years. I almost feel like an Only Child, but my parents have been gone for decades. .....I suddenly feel...
  2. F107plus5

    What Came In The Mail Today?

    Eleven new thumbpick varieties. I often break my thumbnail, so though I'd try thumbpicks again. Didn't like a one of them. I'll order some more different ones and try again.
  3. F107plus5

    How much time do you spend organizing your digital music?

    All my LPs were lost in the floods of the '04 Hurricane Season, so all I have left are CDs. Every now and then I get tired of them scattered all over my desk, so I stack them back up again. Seriously; I've never ever had an electronic form of music storage, or even recorded anything on my...
  4. F107plus5

    Routers requiring software? What the crap?

    Silly me; I thought you were talking about the "Power Tools" kinda router! Shucks; my Fridge has a program; my stove has a program and my dishwasher has a program, but the darned things are dumber than a rock! ....with one ten thousandths the reliability!
  5. F107plus5

    what is your monthly food budget?

    We spend an average of about $1200 a month, but that doesn't count what we shell out for School Lunches for the Kids, or when the Wife and I sneak out for lunch every now and then. We adopted four of our Grandkids and two of them are Teenagers...already!!!
  6. F107plus5

    Strange pets?

    We have three Parrots; one green one with Feathers, and one Red one and one Orange one with Fins.
  7. F107plus5

    The Sennheiser HD 800: The First Listen, The First Review

    Wow! I have been gone for a while! NOW my HD600s are "finally" startin' to look old!
  8. F107plus5

    The Car/Motorcycle/Motorsport/Anything fast enough to do something stupid in thread!

    We have a neighbor who works for a company who is in some financial difficulties at the moment and both the owner and the employees are a bit concerned about their futures. Our neighbor was fearful that his new car loan may fall behind, and his new car may be re-possessed. His Boss is...
  9. F107plus5

    How fast do you type?

    Speaking of TI Calculators; I have a bunch of the characters worn offa my old...very old...TI55lll workhorse. Ah!....I didn't think of it before, but most of the missing letters and stuff are on the left side of the keyboard where the left hand with the Guitar callouses on the fingertips are...
  10. F107plus5

    How often are you on this site?

    I usually get here about twice a day. Once before the kids get up and hog the computers, and again after they go to bed. I can sometimes sneak in at other times if they're all busy! ....or all in school! Then the Wife keeps ME busy!
  11. F107plus5

    How fast do you type?

    I have no clue how fast; but I expect I'd be pretty embarased to find out. My eleven year old Grandson zips along at two to three times my speed and he's busy looking at the screen all the time. I still have to look at the keys! My problem with the keys is that a lot of the keys no longer...
  12. F107plus5

    What would be your 5 desert island essentials?

    No computer; I waste much too much time staring into this infernal machine. No clocks; I waste way too much time worrying about time. My Guitar and a solar powered amp washed up on the beach would be nice, and a bunch of those Appreciative little Disney Critters(like bunnies and kitties...
  13. F107plus5

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    Senn HD600! Cool! Right now I'm wearing my HD600 having just taken off the MS-1 used for guitar practice.
  14. F107plus5

    What's your saving strategy?

    I was lucky when we planned out our retirement. It was easy then. Always maxed out Social Security every year. Always maxed out 401k from the inception of 401. And had two significant company pensions to boot. We were cool. Retirement was gonna be easy. Real easy. Then we adopted four...
  15. F107plus5

    I has acquired some tubes

    This is indeed a thread for everybody! I was looking at the amp; my Grandson was looking at the Ibanez! I was impressed by the amp; he was impressed by the guitar! ....both very nice I might add!!
  16. F107plus5

    I has acquired some tubes

    So my Grandson says "Yea! DragonForce, Slipknot!"
  17. F107plus5

    Nicknames At Work

    The last actual Nickname I had was way back in the 60s when I was in the Navy. My last name kinda sounds like the Opera dude Puccini, and since I was rather open about my love for opera back then, my Nickname started as Puccini and developed into simply "Pooch". ....yeah; like a puppy...
  18. F107plus5

    Wet Shaving

    Well phooie; I used a brush and a cake everyday from probably '78 till about five years ago when I got me some nice Congestive Heart Failure and had to start taking blood thinners which prompted our oldest Daughter to avoid a Heart Attack of her own by buying me an Electric Razor. Yeah...
  19. F107plus5

    Are you male or female?

    Well; I logged in as "Male" so's not to goof up the spirit of this thread. However; I've noticed something interesting while following my Wife around the Grocery store when we go shopping. There's a whole lot more guys nowadays pushing carts all by themselves with little preschool folks going...
  20. F107plus5

    I has acquired some tubes

    Oh Lord! I'd need a new higher output circuit in my house to handle all those filaments! That is a Gem! Hell; it's an entire Jewelery Box full! Shucks; I'm only looking at three little tubes for the amp for my Gretsch!
  21. F107plus5

    What do you think about while listening to music?

    I picked the tech stuff. I love to tear the music apart while listening and enjoy each part individually as well as a part of the whole. One of my favorite ways is to listen first on the MS2i(or HD600) and then listen again on the other set and listen for a different take on the same music...
  22. F107plus5

    something you don't eat?

    I Will Not Eat Fish! For two reasons: First; I got chased by a shark after I cut my ankle on some coral, and I feel a kinship to all the other sea critters who are low enough on the food chain to be eaten. And secondly; and most importantly: When I was Five and going to Kindergarten my...
  23. F107plus5

    How many highschoolers, college students, grad schoolers, working adults?

    Hey; I'm the first one to vote "Retired"! I could have listed "Undergrad" instead, but just for fun; the guy who took over my position had his Masters, and was working on his Doctorate, and That Makes ME Feel even Better!
  24. F107plus5

    Why do People Read While on the Toilet?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DocHamm Wow! This is a crapper thread. Um, think about going outside to use the outhouse in the dead of winter. I bet some peeps get off the pot a lot quicker! My Father finally felt sorry for his Mom and Dad back in around 1948 and decided they needed...