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  1. mrarroyo

    Shanling M0 - Smallest Hi-Res Portable Player - New Firmware V3.6

    Thanks to you I learned a new word! I will see how I use it today so I can remember it for the future. Thanks.
  2. mrarroyo

    Shanling M0 - Smallest Hi-Res Portable Player - New Firmware V3.6

    Thanks, good to know about the battery indicator and thanks for the advance user's manual information.
  3. mrarroyo

    Shanling M0 - Smallest Hi-Res Portable Player - New Firmware V3.6

    Hi everyone, it has been quite a few years since I visit and post on Head Fi. Heck I may be posting in the wrong place for all I know. Basically I found my self in need of either replacing the battery of an old iPod version 5.5 which I had modified by installing a 240 GB hard drive ages ago or...
  4. mrarroyo

    Central Fla. Meet

    Hi Bill, I will confirm when I check room availability this weekend. 
  5. mrarroyo

    Central Fla. Meet

    Hi Bill, hope you are doing well. Depending on the date I would be interested. Shoot me an email, cheers!
  6. mrarroyo

    HIFIMAN ES100 and RE300i

    Darn! it has been a very long time since I posted here let alone write an opinion on any piece of equipment. Yes, I am rusty and hope what I am posting won't be too boring to you all.   About a week ago I was contacted by Chen from Head Direct who asked me if I would be interested in listening...
  7. mrarroyo

    Central Florida Mini Meet Confirmed Sat. July 26, 2014

    Hi Bill, hope your wife is doing well. I will send you a PM, and as of now my participation is still up in the air. Good luck and thanks for organizing this meet.
  8. mrarroyo

    Central Florida Mini Meet Confirmed Sat. July 26, 2014

    Hi Bill, sorry for taking so long to respond. I will know by Thursday if I can attend, I sent you a couple of questions regarding the address and start time. Thanks.
  9. mrarroyo

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    Package arrived … 
  10. mrarroyo

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    I propose we hold off the shipping for a week or two just to make things exciting! 
  11. mrarroyo

    HeadAmp Pico Power: Pre-Order Thread

    Quote:   Try to get some sleep! 
  12. mrarroyo

    Amp for HD650 : Graham Slee Novo / Little Dot MKVII / Little Dot MKIII / Bottlehead Crack ( <500$ ) ???

    Aeolus I like the Novo with the HD580 and HD600 a lot. Where are you located? Send me a PM if you are interested.
  13. mrarroyo

    Portaphile 627 Review

    Quote:   Nice review although I did not find the 627 grainy as stated.
  14. mrarroyo

    Graham Slee Voyager : The End of Audio Voyage?(Appreciation Thread)

    RFI is an issue with a lot of electronics, personally when I have an iPhone in use close to the amp (couple of feet) I can hear noise.
  15. mrarroyo

    Impressions - HLLY SMK-II DAC

    IMO the LME49720HA is an outstanding sounding op-amp and in many applications the best. I have had great results with them in the HLLY SMK-II and the sound is more open and detailed while maintaining a punchy bass. BTW, I used heat sinks on the op-amps. I have also replaced the volume pot with a...
  16. mrarroyo

    2359glenn | studio

    Quote:   Your are! Glad you are enjoying the new toy.
  17. mrarroyo

    Portable tube amp from china?

    I have had this amp for a bit over two months. As stated above it has too much current going to the valve so I replaced a resistor with a 20 ohm 5 watt one and the amp draws less current and runs a bit cooler. As a side benefit the amp run time has gone from about 3 hours to 4.5 hours. Next I...
  18. mrarroyo

    Warning About The Singlepower Extreme - Owners Please Read

    I would try a different manufacturer unless you are buying a rebuilt Singlepower by a know repair shop. I still have my Singlepower MPX3 SE Slam that has been made safe and I love its sound, you may want to look into Mapletree amps by Dr. Lloyd or if you want to spend the moola Red Wine Audio amps.
  19. mrarroyo

    Grado PS1000: The Legendary Flagship (Review)

    ^ Hi there, long time since I post here. I concur with your statement, Grado cans sound IMO great and unfortunately with the proliferation of new cans by various vendors people do not seem to be enjoying them as much. A pity since the Grado sound is unique and quite engaging with far more styles...
  20. mrarroyo

    imaging: Hifiman orthos versus K1000

    Had the HE6 on loan and have had the HE500 for a while as well as two K1000. As much as I like the HE500 the K1000 is IMO a whole different beast and the one I prefer. Granted we all hear differently and our music, sac, amp, etc can steer us into different directions. Just try it and decide...
  21. mrarroyo

    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    Find an used 1970's receiver from Marantz/Pioneer/Technics/etc in the 20-35 wpc range. and use the 1/4" headphone out or the speaker outputs to drive your cans.
  22. mrarroyo

    Portable tube headamp

    I have had this amp for about a couple of months. Out of the box the unit runs very hot, has a gritty volume pot, and the battery life is around 3-4 hours. In order to improve the battery life and reduce the operating temperature I replaced the resistor shown below with a 5W 20 ohm and the amp...
  23. mrarroyo

    Leckerton Audio Slimline UHA-4

    Quote: Hi, I have owned both of this amps concurrently and while very good I would opt for a higher end model. A D-Zero would be more like a side step so a higher model from either manufacturer would be IMO the way to go. Good luck.
  24. mrarroyo

    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    Larry, below is a link to the Marantz 2240 manual.
  25. mrarroyo

    **Potential Meet for Atlanta Area**

    Matt, I will be in travel mode so I would not have a lot of gear with me. Something like: iPod 5.5 w/ 240 Gb HD, Xin Reference w/ D5 module, Yuin OK-1, Creative Live Aurvana, and Westone 2.