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  1. sbrian30s

    Review by 'sbrian30s' on item 'Metrum Acoustics Octave'

    I have the Mark I Octave. It has burned in for about 2 months and needs that long for the character to fully stabilize. After ~15 years of trying to get music from CDs, I have finally found what I was looking for with this DAC. Satellite radio and CDs are quite enjoyable. I prefer this DAC to...
  2. sbrian30s

    Review by 'sbrian30s' on item 'Ultrasone HFI-580'

    Music sounds great with these. They are a little heavy, but I knew that when I bought them. What I did not know was that they make great ear warmers. This is good for winter, but may not be so good in summer. I'm quite happy with them. They don't seem to really need a headphone amp to sound...
  3. sbrian30s

    2nd Annual San Diego Head-Fi Meet: Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

    I plan on going.  I can bring my Ultrasone HFI-580s.  If needed, I could also bring my Channel Islands VDA2 DAC w/ Single Ended outputs or Bifrost (non-Uber).